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Oh, No Sex Ed. | The “Talk” with preteen

My oldest daughter recently had her first sexual education class. Her reactions were quite comical but also made me want to extend the opportunity for her to ask me questions. What I learned is kids know way more than what we give them credit for and how important it is to have “the talk”. Her

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Scary Looks and Tales of Horror: Blog-A-Thon Double Feature

Today’s look will make you want to shout Enhelica Beauty 3 times! This Lady Beetlejuice is sure to please a crowd. Jasmine has added a touch of class and elegance not normally associated with the name Beetlejuice. This look has us begging to be haunted. To see more looks from her, be sure to follow

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10 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Parenthood

So you find out you’re pregnant! YAY! You’re excited (or maybe not) and all the advice people give you sounds a bit like this: “OMG it’s so easy especially when they are babies” or “Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze” It’s very rare that you will hear anyone say something negative about

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