30 Before 30| The count down begins!

Welcome back to another post guys! If you are new here welcome and thanks for taking time out your busy day to check little ol’ me out! Hopefully you will stick around 😉

This year I will be turning 29 and I decided that I have from now until I turn 30 next year to do somethings I feel I should experience before I turn 30! So I basically have a year and some change to do 30 things I have never done before.  Believe it or not it took me a while to make this list because I wanted to be realistic in my expectations. For an example, planning a trip around the world and visiting 50 countries before I’m 30 is not realistic. Especially when you have kids, and work a full-time job and you have a little over a year to get that accomplished.  Each item on my bucket list is realistic. There may be a few  items that are realistic but seems I need more time to accomplish it but its most definitely within reach and possible to complete.

So with you further ado and in no particular order here is my 30 before 30 bucket list! And for all my hunnies that don’t like a long read, just click the YouTube link below! (you’re welcome!)

1: Grow Hair to Mid-Back Length– I’ve had no problem growing my hair out but I feel like if I give my hair just a bit more TLC, I could be long hair don’t care!

2: Brazilian Wax– I have never had a Brazilian wax and I am terrified! But if its less maintenance I’m down!

3: Passport– I’ve never had one and figured that’s the first step to traveling the world eventually. I want to make sure my family and I each have one!

4 & 5: Real Lace Front Wig- I wear wigs all the time but none of them are like a real coming out my scalp lace front. I also want to do a crazy colored wig like pink or blue.  These are separate goals because if you didn’t know lace fronts are EXPENSIVE!

***** 6: Crop Top Adventures!***** – This summer I hope to do like a daily blog for 30 days for my birth month! So you will actually get to see me accomplish this bucket list doing it all in a crop top! I have lost about 20 pounds this past year and I want to strut my stuff! Even when I was thinner I never wore crop tops and I regret it! Now that I’m almost 30 I’m going to do what I want for once and ignore the haters lol!

7: Tattoos – I want to add 4 additional tattoos to my body. 3 on my back and a small one on my hand……. and maybe more

8: Purchase a home– This Items has been on my list for soooooo long omg but I am more determined than ever to get it done!

9: Luxury Bag– I’ve purchased bags like Michael Kors and Coach, but I want to step it up!  I’m talking bout some LV, Chanel, YSL! Catch my drift? I deserve it damn it!

10: Red Bottoms (Christian Louboutin) – What could be more glamorous about turning 30 than a pair of bad ass red bottoms #checkmate.

11,12,13, & 15:  Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!– Family trip, Girls trip, Stay-cation (vacation in state but all alone), & visit a new state (California or Vegas)

16 & 17: Car? : I want to pay off my car and finally have no car note BUT, at the same time I want to buy a bigger car. (preferably a jeep…. these 2 are so contradictory)

19: Pole Dancing class– What grown and sexy woman doesn’t want to take a pole dancing class?

20: Trap Yoga Doing yoga to trap music and being with my fellow lovers of peace and Chaos.

21 & 22: Visit the new Braves & Mercedes-Benz stadium– no explanations needed

23: Visit IFly Atlanta: it’s a new place in Atlanta where you can have the experience of jumping out of a plane without actually having to do it!

24: American Ninja Warrior: Another place in Atlanta where you can do the obstacle courses like the show but for fun!

25: Andretti’s – I’ve never been! it is a go-cart racing place. I am ashamed that I I’ve never been.

26: Top Golf– Everyone and their mama has been to Top Golf except for me…..I refuse to go into my 30’s with this not being done.

27: New Wardrobe– Every 30-year-old, In my opinion, should have a BANGING wardrobe. Right now mine is seriously lacking, especially since I’ve lost a lot of weight. I just wanna be 30 and glamorous!

28: Dragon Con– Dragon con is a comic-book convention that comes to Atlanta each year and everyone dress up and theirs a big parade and everything. I’ve never been and this is a must.

29: Halloween– I want to wear a full-fledged costume for Halloween before I turn 30. I stated in my video that I wanted to be a storm trooper but after seeing Black Panther (the most amazing movie on earth), I’ve decided to be a bad ass Wakandan warrior!

30: Have a profitable business: I said back in january that I was going to be launching a business soon. Hopefully by the time I am 30 I will be done with working for other people or at least down to working part time…….fingers crossed!


If you have any suggestion of things to add to my bucket list leave a comment down below! Below you will find part one and two of the 30 before 30 bucket list video.

TLA Sign


D.I.Y Vanity|Workstation

Right before I had my youngest daughter.We decided that it was best to have her crib in our room. Long story short, once she turned one we decided that it was time to move her in with big sister (we are currently renting a 2 bedroom property). Which was pretty pointless as she is still in our bed and refuses to leave. But none the less the crib is gone.Which left our room looking a little awkward as we could not remember the set up we had pre-baby. So I decided why not use the space for a vanity/ work station.  Of course I had to beg my husband and what can I say I’m just to adorable to say no too lol. (I mean I knew he was tired of having no counter space in the bathroom anyway) Continue reading

Organization 101: Personal Organization

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10 Ways To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

So since last week, my motivation levels have been almost non-existent. I deal with anxiety and it is very easy to get into a thought pattern of “what’s the point?”. I will question life and focus on everything negative.Then the worry builds up and life just comes to a complete standstill. But over the years I have learned how to deal with this and I’m actually a pro at it now! I know how to shake off the blues within minutes now. Don’t get me wrong, some days require more than just shaking it off but it is possible to encourage yourself in order to see the bigger picture.These are my personal tips! In no way am I a doctor! These are things that help me naturally relieve my stress and anxiety when there at its peak. So in no specific order, I’m gonna list 10 ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety (naturally)

10. Breathe!

Sometimes we get overwhelmed and forget to relax and breathe! Take a moment to remove yourself from the situation. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly! Do this as many times as it takes until you feel yourself relaxing. Once you’re relaxed you will be surprised at how calm and focus you become. While I breathe I like to pray or meditate! (Not trying to get all religious on ya but that’s just my personal preference)

9.Write It Out!

When I feel overwhelmed, I write all the things that are bothering me down. Once I have done that I organize each problem from small issue to major issue! Once you have everything listed and organized,  you begin to realize, it may not be as serious as you thought. Plan a solution for each problem from smallest to greatest and you will literally feel the stress come off your shoulders as you work through each issue.

8. Change Your View!

If you feel stressed or frustrated. Change what you see. For example: if you’re in the house, go outside. A change in scenery can always change your mood! If you’re sitting at your desk at work, face your chair in a different direction for a few minutes. What you see is what you’ll feel, and little changes can make a big difference!

7. Listen to Music

It is a scientific fact that it takes your entire brain to listen to music (which is why people turn the music down in a car when searching for the right address or parallel parking) Turn up the bass! Listen to something upbeat or something relaxing. Do NOT listen to anything depressing or sad it will only make you feel worse. Music is a natural healer of a lot of things and can quickly change your mood!

6. Take a Relaxing Bath or Shower

It’s just something about hot water that just melts all your troubles away.  You can have an all out release crying session or just sit and clear your mind. Whatever you do, leave it with and in the water. Metaphorically wash your troubles away. Once you come out you will feel renewed and have a clear mind to think.

5.Organize Your Home

I know, I know!  Cleaning right. -__-  But you would be surprised at how a well-organized and de-cluttered house can make for an instant mood changer! Not to mention while you clean you can take your frustrations out on the clutter instead of other people. When you’re done you will feel organized, and when you feel it, you become organized in your thoughts.

4. Talk to Someone

Talking to someone ALWAYS helps! Just make sure that person is a trustworthy, dependable person! Lord knows I will go to my husband and just vent! After I’m done I can feel the pressure come right off! He is also my voice of reason when I don’t have my own. That’s why if you chose to vent it needs to be with someone you can trust and depend on to give you good advice if needed.

3. Be Around Your Favorite People

Sometimes just being around people you love can turn any horrible day into a better one. I personally love being around my kids. Their pretty little faces can brighten my day almost immediately! They are just pure, good energy and puts me in a better place! They remind me that everything I do is for them, so it makes everything worth it.

2. Take a Nap

Sometimes lack of sleep makes your stress and anxiety worse. Take a 30 minute to an hour nap and you’ll most likely wake up with a different perspective and ready to conquer whatever it is that is bothering you.

1. Pamper/ Treat Yourself

Just simply taking care and focusing on you is really all you need. Sometimes we just let stuff pile on and let life get the better of us and really just neglect ourselves. Make time for yourself! Even if you just take 30 minutes alone to do some you love is better than nothing!

Remember people stress kill. So it’s important for us to recognize the signs and handle them immediately. These are some of the things I do to help talk me down from a possible anxiety attack. I hope these tips help you like they have helped me over the years 🙂




10 Signs You’re 25 and Older

Well my birthday was yesterday and all I can think about is “WOW I’m 26…….” This may seem like an insignificant number to some but my aunt died this past weekend and her funeral was held on my actual birthday. Life has a funny way of showing you things, and her passing made me appreciate another year here on this earth and being able to celebrate another day of life…..enjoy the time you have! You only have one beautiful,wonderful,exciting chance at life. Live more, laugh more,love more, adventure out, let go of fear and live your life! Even when life gets mundane be happy to breathe another day! With that being said……..

 Here are 10 signs you might be 25+!

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