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Majestic AF Unicorn Beat!| Last minute Halloween Makeup

  Everyone is not as lucky as me to have a makeup artist for a little sister! And when I say she comes in handy I mean that in every sense of the term! She has been doing make up for as long as I can remember. Her skills have gotten better and better over

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Scary Looks and Tales of Horror: Blog-A-Thon Double Feature

Today’s look will make you want to shout Enhelica Beauty 3 times! This Lady Beetlejuice is sure to please a crowd. Jasmine has added a touch of class and elegance not normally associated with the name Beetlejuice. This look has us begging to be haunted. To see more looks from her, be sure to follow

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Scary Looks & Tales of Horror: Blog-A-Thon Double Feature

   While  thinking of a scary story to post today I came across an article about a man by the name of Billy Milligan. William is his birth name but he also went by 19 other names and was the first person in US history to use multiply personality disorder as a criminal defense successfully. Milligan

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