Summer Recap 2018

I’ve been missing in action as usual! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you! I have recorded quite a few videos and just never posted them…….life of a hard-working woman lol. So I’m going to get you up to speed with a few summer recaps just before fall!

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TLA Sign


D.I.Y Trolls Tutu

We celebrated the birthdays of my best friends two kids. Her son turned three and her daughter turned one. So of course, when you have a daughter who is turning one, a FABULOUS tutu is almost, always required. Since the party was Trolls themed that made this project even more fun! If you haven’t seen Trolls you seriously missing out on life lol! (the video tutorial is located at the end of this post 🙂 )


  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Elastic Band
  • Tulle
  • scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Optional items:

  • Rhinestone or Pearls
  • Ribbon
  • Industrial glue





Measure your elastic band to the desired length. (You should always measure the person you are making a tutu for beforehand if possible). Also measure and pre- cut all the tulle pieces you think you may need and set them to the side for now.



Cut the elastic band about an inch or 2 shorter than what you measured to ensure that it fits snugly. Be sure to cut off any frayed ends and loose strings from the elastic band.




Take the elastic band ends and sew them together. It doesn’t matter what pattern use!  The entire elastic band will soon be covered in tulle and won’t be seen.


Step 4:

Find a random object to use as a base for you elastic band. It can be anything ! A box, a tin popcorn can. Whatever you have to make it easier to apply your tulle.



Step 5:

Take a piece of tulle and create a loop. Place that loop behind the elastic band.  Grab the bottom of the tulle and pull it through the loop you made creating a little knot. Make sure that you pull and adjust the tulle until your knot is as small as it can get, as well as tight and secure. Repeat this step until your elastic band is completely covered in tulle knots.





And Wallah! Your tutu should look a little something like this!  Since this was for a glam, troll loving, one year old. I added rhinestone with my industrial glue and some ribbon using my needle and thread. Just to make this tutu really pretty and fun! You are absolutely not required to do this last step you can totally stop once your elastic band is covered and tulle and ready to go!



The perfect tutu for the BIGGEST, LOUDEST and CRAZIEST PARTY EVER!





Still a little confused on what to do? Don’t Worry I’ve got ya covered! Click the video below 🙂





Banging Gifts On A Budget|Cute Gifts for less than 10 Bucks

Its that time of year again, and if your anything like me, you’re low on cash with a million people to buy for. Have no fear, I gotcha back!! If I don’t know how to do anything else, I know how to bargain shop and make it look GOOD. It’s all about the bang for your buck at the end of the day.  You can accomplish this really cute gift for less than 10 bucks!


Snapshot 2 (10-29-2017 12-20 PM)_edited

I wandered into Target to look for items at the dollars spot. Unfortunately, even the dollar spot was too expensive for me because I had 4 gifts to give to 4 different people. And 5 dollars a mug on top of other items was just too much. So I did what I always do….. I went end cap hunting. At Target at the end of most isles the have a little section for clearance items and BOOM! I found this mug for only $1.78! The bargain gods were shining down on me!


Snapshot 6 (10-29-2017 12-59 PM)_edited

The dollar spot at Target wasn’t a total bust! I found these super cute Cards for $1 buck!!!! 8 blank cards with envelopes. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!!!!


Snapshot 3 (10-29-2017 12-20 PM)_edited

NEXT STOP! Wal-mart! It didn’t take long to find an awesome deal. This fleece blanket was only $2.50!!!! Like, COME ON!! Who does this!!! Most fleece blankets start at 6 bucks and up. I definitely won with this purchase!


Snapshot 4 (10-29-2017 12-21 PM)_edited

What’s a mug and a blanket without hot cocoa? It’s just can’t be done! So it was only right that I buy some!! And since I was already in Walmart I saved some time!

Box of 8 pouches Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa W/Marshmallows -$2.98


Snapshot 5 (10-29-2017 12-22 PM)_edited

Now to wrap it all up! I ran to PartyCity and grabbed some Basket shrink wrap for $3.99. I Had just enough wrap to wrap all 4 gifts. I Would have had way more left over if I hadn’t over measured while cutting.



And BAM!! A super cute and thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank! Perfect for the holidays and making sure the ones you love stay warm!

I’ll most likely have a few more post like these before Christmas time! Tis The Season Guys!!






Majestic AF Unicorn Beat!| Last minute Halloween Makeup


Everyone is not as lucky as me to have a makeup artist for a little sister! And when I say she comes in handy I mean that in every sense of the term! She has been doing make up for as long as I can remember. Her skills have gotten better and better over the years and I am super proud of her! Did an AMAZING job with my unicorn makeup! I was so happy and excited once it was done.


Want this look? Here is a list of Products she used to achieve this look.


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Chocolate,
  • Morphe Brow 8 palette in the darkest brown.
  • Concealer La Girl Pro Concealer in Natural.

Snapshot 1 (10-25-2017 9-07 PM)_edited



  • Base color: Lorac Pro contour and high light palette.
  • Pinks and Purples: Morphe 35C palette
  • Kiss Professional Luxury Eye Crayon: white
  • Blue lid color: Morphe 35S Palette
  • Glitter base: Magic Collection Glitter Eyeliner in  Eye1017
  • Eyeliner: L’OrĂ©al Blackbuster liner and Nyx liquid liner.
  • Lashes: Kiss KPED15
  • Mascara: The Falsies

Snapshot 2 (10-25-2017 9-08 PM)_edited


  • Foundation: Maybeline Fit Me in True Beige #222
  • Blush: Morphe 9B palette
  • Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette in Sunburst
  • Rhinestones: Pink Adhesive stickers from Dollar Tree
  • Kiss Professional Luxury Eye Crayon: white

Snapshot 4 (10-25-2017 9-09 PM)_edited


  • Mango Butter Lip Balm
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette in 9

Snapshot 5 (10-25-2017 9-10 PM)_edited


And Wallah A Majestic Unicorn look ready to slay ANY Halloween party!

IMG_20171021_174406_055 (1)


Be sure to Follow Enhelica Beauty on Instagram and if you live in the Atlanta area,  Book her for all your makeup needs!


For a little more detailed tutorial. Check out my youtube channel. (voice-over version with even MORE detail will be posted soon to Enhelica Beauty’s page)




That Life Adri had a farm…….

This past Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch! Ole McDermitt’s farm to be exact. All the girls together! My mom, 2 of 4 sisters,my niece, my 2 girls and I. We had the most awesome time! There were so many things to do! Of course there were animals and a pumpkin patch. But they also had A giant slide, a corn maze, and plenty of activities for the kids. The kids had a blast! Needless to say long baths and a good hair washing was a must by the end of the day! Check out the vlog!