Organization 101: Small Home, No Storage?

If you have Children and live in a small home, you can feel the emotions of this picture!  Having a smaller home or apartment is never a bad thing but, it can be quite frustrating when new things come into the home and you have no space for the new items. This picture was taken BEFORE Christmas so imagine what my lireno afterving room would have looked like if I had not have jumped into action! So on Black Friday and a few weeks after, I slowly started to purchase  the items That I need to get this freaking house in order. Organization always takes a little time, especially when money is involved lol.  So lets kick the new year off right and jump right in!




My first purchase was from Big Lot’s. I got 2 storage cubes for about 40 bucks. They were on sale so the original price for these cubes was $39.99. Storage cubes are always an awesome way to organize your home and it still look some what chic, so to speak.

Side Note: These cubes were hard as hell to put together. IKEA had nothing on these things lol. So if you are looking for cubicle storage be sure to ask a clerk how easy or hard the piece is to put together. Or see if they are willing to let you see the instructions before hand.



Next I purchased these cubicle storage bins from Amazon. A pack of 6 bins cost about $10.99 so I bought 2 packs for a total of $21.98. Which is awesome considering that most storage bins are at the cheapest $3.99 a piece anywhere else.




I also purchased this simple ottoman from Walmart for about $27. This was also another sale item that I just so happen to find walking through the place. Long story short, shop around! Don’t be in such a hurry to get organized that you spend more money than you have to! Even if that means buy your items one item at a time. Its all good, it will get done don’t worry!




Once I had all the items I needed, I grabbed both kids and start to put things in their new homes. I made it into a game so the kids were more than excited for this project. Which is super important if you don’t want to do all the work yourself. I mean… it is their stuff after all!





Once every thing has a home… BOOM! You’re done! Now you can invite people over with out the shame of the junk corner, front and center! lol


before reno


I hope this helped you guys out in anyway. If you have any questions , be sure to leave a comment below. I love when you guys comment! As usual if you would like to see the in depth process, Just click on the video below 🙂


TLA Sign



Banging Gifts On A Budget|Cute Gifts for less than 10 Bucks

Its that time of year again, and if your anything like me, you’re low on cash with a million people to buy for. Have no fear, I gotcha back!! If I don’t know how to do anything else, I know how to bargain shop and make it look GOOD. It’s all about the bang for your buck at the end of the day.  You can accomplish this really cute gift for less than 10 bucks!


Snapshot 2 (10-29-2017 12-20 PM)_edited

I wandered into Target to look for items at the dollars spot. Unfortunately, even the dollar spot was too expensive for me because I had 4 gifts to give to 4 different people. And 5 dollars a mug on top of other items was just too much. So I did what I always do….. I went end cap hunting. At Target at the end of most isles the have a little section for clearance items and BOOM! I found this mug for only $1.78! The bargain gods were shining down on me!


Snapshot 6 (10-29-2017 12-59 PM)_edited

The dollar spot at Target wasn’t a total bust! I found these super cute Cards for $1 buck!!!! 8 blank cards with envelopes. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!!!!


Snapshot 3 (10-29-2017 12-20 PM)_edited

NEXT STOP! Wal-mart! It didn’t take long to find an awesome deal. This fleece blanket was only $2.50!!!! Like, COME ON!! Who does this!!! Most fleece blankets start at 6 bucks and up. I definitely won with this purchase!


Snapshot 4 (10-29-2017 12-21 PM)_edited

What’s a mug and a blanket without hot cocoa? It’s just can’t be done! So it was only right that I buy some!! And since I was already in Walmart I saved some time!

Box of 8 pouches Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa W/Marshmallows -$2.98


Snapshot 5 (10-29-2017 12-22 PM)_edited

Now to wrap it all up! I ran to PartyCity and grabbed some Basket shrink wrap for $3.99. I Had just enough wrap to wrap all 4 gifts. I Would have had way more left over if I hadn’t over measured while cutting.



And BAM!! A super cute and thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank! Perfect for the holidays and making sure the ones you love stay warm!

I’ll most likely have a few more post like these before Christmas time! Tis The Season Guys!!






D.I.Y Cheap Boho-Glam Flower Mirror in 10 Minutes or less!

Whats up guys! Back with another tutorial! It’s super quick, easy, and cheap way to kind to give your room some positive vibes.

Here are the supplies you’re going to need:

  • Full-length mirror (Wal-mart $4.88 or Target $8)
  •  Faux Flowers ( Dollar Tree $1 or any craft store)
  • Hot glue/Hot glue gun (Wal-mart $3.54)
  • Transparent tape ( Dollar Tree $1 or any kind!)
  • Paper (newspaper, scratch paper, any kind of paper!)
  • Scissors (Wal-mart $1.88)

Step 1:

Take your faux flowers and pop them right off the stems. Be sure to cut any excess stem away from the flower so it’s easier to glue to your mirror.

flower snip


Step 2:

Clean the area of the mirror that you plan to apply the flowers. A clean surface will make the hot glue stick better.

mirror clean

Step 3:

Apply your paper on top of the mirror with the transparent tape.This will protect the mirror from any hot glue accidents. If you get any hot glue on your mirror while doing this project it’s not a big deal,  hot glue is pretty easy to remove once it is cooled. Be sure that any areas you plan to apply your flowers to are left uncovered.


paper tape.jpg

Step 4:

Plug in your hot glue gun and while it is heating up, take your flowers and cut away any excess plastic green leaf away from the flower. All flower are made differently so you may not have this issue.


plastic cut

Step 5:

Take your hot glue gun and apply to the base of the flower. make sure you get just a little hot glue on the flower petals for a sturdier hold.


flower glue.jpg

(*WARNING:* Be very careful as the hot glue is extremely HOT and you can burn yourself!!………I burned the shit out of myself a million times because I wasn’t paying attention lol) 

Step 6:

Apply flower in any position you would like. Be sure to hold the flower in position for 3-5 second to ensure that the hot glue has stuck to the mirror.

(There is no wrong way to do this! Go crazy!!!)


flower hold

Step 7:

Once you’ve applied your flowers, allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes



And Wallah! You have your own Boho flower mirror.



Don’t feel like reading all of this? You’re in luck you don’t have to!!


You’re Welcome!




D.I.Y Kate Spade Inspired Glitter Tray

A few weeks ago I help decorate my friends Kate Spade themed birthday! (If you haven’t check it out I will link it down below 🙂 Just about all the decorations were D.I.Y and most of the items came from the dollar tree! This was my first time helping with an event for someone other than my children. Probably the most stressful thing I’ve done so far this year but it turned out much better than I expected! These glitter trays were the perfect touch to the Kate Spade theme! How about I shut up and get to the tutorial already lol…….

Here is the list of items you’re going to need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Spray paint of your choice (I used Rustoleum Gold)
  • Glitter of your choice (I used gold)
  • E600 industrial glue (clear)
  • Dollar Tree Silver Trays
  • Dollar Tree Candle Holders
  • Gloss Sealant (Optional)
  • Sponge Brush or Paint Brush

material needed.jpg

Step One:

You’re gonna take your silver trays and spray paint them on both sides. I would suggest at least 2 coat of paint on both sides. You can always do more if needed. Please make sure you spray paint outside on a non-windy day! I learned the hard way!


Step 2:

While your freshly spray painted trays are drying. Take your Mod Podge and glitter and mix them together in a disposable container. You do not need much as a little goes a long way! Once the Mod Podge and glitter is blended evenly, take your sponge brush and start applying to your candle holder. Coat the entire candle holder with the Mod Podge mixture. (One coat of mixture is more than enough!) Once covered in mixture take your glitter and applying it all over the candle holder until you can no longer see the Mod Podge mixture. Once done, set them to the side to dry.

Step 3:

Grab your spray painted trays, (Make sure they are dry) And the Mod Podge mixture, with your sponge brush create a design of your choice onto the tray. It can be any design you want. Once you have painted your designs with the Mod Podge mixture take your glitter and apply to the design. Once finished, let all of your items dry over night.


Step 4:

After your items have dried overnight, take your E600 industrial glue (clear) and coat the very top of your candle holder. Then Make sure your tray is centered with your candle holder and press firmly on top. Let it dry overnight


Walah! You have an awesome glitter tray that you can use for just about anything! If you want, you can take some spray gloss and coat the entire tray to eliminate glitter fall out.



Below you will find the video of how I achieved this Glitter tray 🙂 as always if you have any questions or suggestions please fell free to let me know 🙂





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D.I.Y Glitter Tray

I have always wanted a glitter jewelry tray but looking online those things were pretty pricey and absolutely not worth the money.(I’m cheap so what!) So I decided to make one myself. Of course, when I looked at online tutorials it seemed pretty simple. Buy a frame and glitter paper. EASY right? So after going to a million stores I could not find not one sheet of glitter paper (I’m starting to believe glitter paper is a myth). After some thought to myself, I decided to go another route and it worked! It required a few more steps but cheap and easy all the same! Here’s what you will need: Continue reading