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Under Construction

What’s up guys! Re-branding my site and also adding some services that I finally decided to start offering. Can wait for you guys to see what I’m up to and possibly work with some of you guys in the future!  🙂         Advertisements

Summer Recap 2018

I’ve been missing in action as usual! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you! I have recorded quite a few videos and just never posted them…….life of a hard-working woman lol. So I’m going to get you up to speed with a few summer recaps just before fall! Speaking of fall, what type

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Start a Blog in 15 Minutes or Less for FREE!

Happy 3 Year blog-a-versary! Yes, guys, it has officially been 3 years since I started this blog. The fact that I have made it this long is truly amazing! Am I as consistent as I set out to be? No,……No, I’m not, but I’m learning every day and excited about the progress I have made.

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Current Drug Store Favorites

Welcome back, guys! If you are new here, thanks for taking the time to check me out and I hope that you become apart of the TLA family. I’ve recently decided to go on a small skin care journey and just like most of you, I was not willing to spend a whole lot of

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Spring Haul 2018|Fashion Nova, Burlington & Forever 21

Spring is finally here! Good god, it feels like it has taken forever to get here! It has still been relatively cold in Atlanta. Hopefully, this will be the last cold front and I can finally break out my freaking flip flops! With spring finally arriving its the perfect excuse to buy a few new items.

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