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30 Before 30| The count down begins!

Welcome back to another post guys! If you are new here welcome and thanks for taking time out your busy day to check little ol’ me out! Hopefully you will stick around 😉 This year I will be turning 29 and I decided that I have from now until I turn 30 next year to

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Young, Wild, & Three

Thank you guys for being so understanding about skipping a post last week.  It was so hectic I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I’m back and ready to get you guys up to speed. We celebrated my youngest child’s (Cali) 3rd birthday.  Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday we brought cupcakes

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D.I.Y Box Braids| Rubber-band Method

Heyyyyyy GGuuyysss!! So recently I decided to try something different with my hair. I was really tired of trying to find hairs styles for my natural hair. As a matter of fact, I was tired of fixing my hair in general. So I decided to do a hairstyle that I do with my oldest child

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