About TLA



It’s me, Adrianna! The person this entire blog is about! Well, it’s not entirely about me it’s mostly for you guys!  Here you will find not only things about my life but life hacks, D.I.Y and some hand written stories created by me!

Now about me…. My name is pronounced Audrey-aw-na (not to be confused with the normal way it’s pronounced even though they are spelled the same.). I am a 28-year-old born and bred Georgia girl. (and yes I do consider myself a southern belle) . I am a super awesome wife and mother of beautiful 2 girls (or at least they and I think so lol). My husband and I have been together 5 years but have known each other many years. My daughters are ages 10 and 2. Other adjectives that describe me are……Hilarious, free spirit, nudist, wonder woman, BOSS! HaHa! In all seriousness. I love being creative and I hope that you come here to not only be entertained while learning something new but somehow relate to what I go through on a day-to-day basis in hopes that you see the light at the end of your own tunnel.

If you are an original TLA viewer you may have noticed that I have changed a few things including this about me page. I decided to change some things up! I couldn’t deal with the original time constraints that I place on myself. Not saying that posting 3 times a week is impossible but doing it on deadline is. (especially being a mom, wife, working full-time and trying to go to school.)  Not only that I just didn’t feel like I could be myself with the original set up of TLA. So I really hope you guys love the new layout!

The other pages on this website give in-depth details as to what TLA is all about! I hope you guys enjoy and keep coming back!