About TLA


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It’s me, Adrianna! The person this entire blog is about! Well, it’s not entirely about me it’s mostly for you guys!  Here you will find not only things about my life but life hacks, D.I.Y, and other self-help items.

Now about me… My name is pronounced Audrey-aw-na (not to be confused with the normal way it’s pronounced even though they are spelled the same.). I am a 29-year-old born and bred Georgia girl(yes I do consider myself a southern belle). I am a super awesome wife and mother of beautiful 2 girls (or at least they and I think so lol). I consider myself a Hilarious, free-spirited, nudist, who’s an all-around creative BOSS! (LMAO!). In all seriousness. I love being creative and I hope that you come here to not only be entertained while learning something new but somehow relate to what I go through on a day-to-day basis in hopes that you see the light at the end of your own tunnel.

I am now pleased to announce that I will now be offering my creative services. If you didn’t know already I am a self-taught photographer and graphic creator! From photos and simple logos to social media set up and drag and drop website setup! I have enough skills to pay the bills lol. Be sure to check out what I have to offer!  I am so excited to share my talents and look forward to working with you guys!