Start a Blog in 15 Minutes or Less for FREE!

Happy 3 Year blog-a-versary! Yes, guys, it has officially been 3 years since I started this blog. The fact that I have made it this long is truly amazing! Am I as consistent as I set out to be? No,……No, I’m not, but I’m learning every day and excited about the progress I have made. In celebration of such an accomplishment. I will show you guys how to start a blog for FREE and it should take less than 15 minutes!


When you start a blog, people assume that everything has to be perfect and that is the biggest LIE out there! A blog does not have to be perfect for you to get started! It is much better to start and fix things as you go than to never try at all! LET’S GET TO IT!!


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Helpful or Personal:

What are you doing this for? Do you want to help/entertain people or do you just want to have a fun hobby to do in your spare time? It’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish when starting a blog. Don’t worry about it being a permanent thing, you can always change your mind! I have changed my set up so many times I’m almost ashamed lol. But its all trial and error don’t be afraid to try and try again! If you want to use this blog to display your talents, or just talk about whatever is on your mind at the time, do it! this is your blog and there is no right or wrong way to do this! But knowing what you’re trying to accomplish helps your viewers know what to expect as well as keep you organized.

What’s in a name?:

This is probably the hardest part of the entire process, trying to pick a unique name that you will love forever. I suggest picking something that’s simple, yet catchy and easy for users to find. Something like shesocuteandfineyoubestbelieveit , may be really cute and clever, but most likely you’re not going to like it in a few months and it would be extremely hard for users to find you. Stick with simple yet catchy names. Your blog name should represent you and what your trying to do.


Once you have decided on a name do a quick Google/social media search of that name to see if anyone already has it. If no one has that name you are good to go. If someone has already taken that name, then its back to the drawing board. You may not have to change the name completely just figure out how to make it your own.

Social media

Once you have a name. Go and create your social media for whatever platforms you plan on using. That way all of you social media matches and users can easily find you. That Life Adri is my name across all of my social media. It’s all cohesive so whatever platform you may be using you can find me! This can be done before you even start the blog, that way the name is already secured before someone else comes up with the same Idea you have.



Pick your poison!

So to start your free blog  you have a few options to chose from but the most popular FREE options are:


both of these are awesome places to start. When I started I actually used both so I could see which one I like better. I ended up going with WordPress just because it had more options in regards to the page set up. WordPress has many upgrade options once you get comfortable with what you’re doing. Both options are super easy to use and again I say absolutely FREE! I mean what’s better than FREE?

(Optional Sidenote: Now if you want to spend just a little money. You could purchase your domain name. is honestly shouldn’t cost any more than 30 bucks if that. What is a domain name? it is the name of your blog. When you purchase your domain your blog will then become….. instead of ….. or

You do NOT have to purchase a domain to have a blog! especially if you’re just getting started. Now if you decide that you want to be serious about blogging then, by all means, purchase the domain but it is not necessary for beginners. )


Once you have picked your blogging platform you are ready to go! Set up your site (which is super simple) and start sharing with the world!


Tell the world!

The last and final step… tell your friends and family! Family and friends are normally your number one supporters. That doesn’t mean everyone will be supportive and that’s okay. But the ones that are will most definitely build your following.




I bet you thought this was going to be hard! Literally, it is so simple that you have no excuse to as to why you haven’t gotten started. Start and be great damn it!


If you have any additional questions be sure to leave a comment below! Just know that I will post more about this topic throughout the year and go further into depth. I did this simple post because some people honestly don’t realize how easy starting a blog really is.




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