Current Drug Store Favorites

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I’ve recently decided to go on a small skin care journey and just like most of you, I was not willing to spend a whole lot of money… At least not right away… My skin was having some minor issues due to the holidays just ending. Eating terrible and not drinking enough water really caught up with me. Struggle face doesn’t even describe how bad it was lol. Luckily I came across some trusty drugstore brands, got a routine together and the healing process began. I’ve come across to super simple but amazing drugstore cleansing products that got my face back right!

Once my face cleared, I felt comfortable enough to make a few make-up purchases without the fear of further irritating my skin. If you guys would like a post of my simple drugstore skincare routine let me know in the comments below. For now let just jump right into my current drugstore favorites.  ( for my non-readers scroll down below and click the line 🙂 )





This Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin. It gets deep into pores and leaves your face super clean. It doesn’t feel dry and tight afterward like a lot of facial washes normally do.



This blemish control scrub for St. Ives is bomb! Washes away dead skin and gives your pores an intense clean. You can visibly see brighter skin after using this scrub. Also, a little bit goes a long way with this scrub! I’ve had this scrub for a few months now (hints why the picture looks so dingy lol) and I have barely put a dent in the product.



This St. Ives oatmeal mask, that also doubles as a scrub, is the perfect last step to any wash routine. This mask leaves your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Not to mentions that it smells amazing!



This Cetaphil moisturizing lotion literally works PERFECT with my sensitive/ combinations skin. It doesn’t leave my face all greasy and sticky.  I love how smooth and soft this makes my skin feel. My face feels like it can actually breathe with this lotion.



Now, this bad boy I use at night! This St. Ives Timeless skin moisturizer literally does what it says. When I wake up in the morning I can literally see the difference. I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles as of yet but I do look visibly refreshed when I use this moisturizer. #obsessed



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (oily skin) for the WIN!. SIS! YOU! NEED! THIS! I have been struggling for YEARS trying to remove all of my make up without taking all freaking night. I had tried everything from wipes to coconut oil. This cleansing water almost literally cleans off all your make up in one swipe! This has changed my life!



Looking for a cheap setting spray that doesn’t dry your skin off your face. Look no further! This Refresh hydrating setting spray by Kokie professionals does the trick! Everything stays in place while adding just enough moisture so that your face doesn’t feel stiff as a board lol.



By now everyone should know that Maybelline Fit me is the truth when it comes to drugstore foundations. If you don’t know now ya know! You can accomplish most “beat to the GAWDS” looks with this foundation for a fraction of the price of big name brands.



Maybelline back at it again with yet another staple in my makeup collection and it just came out! Total Temptation Brow pencil is what best friends are made of. It so simple and easy to use that I told my brow waxing lady GOODBYE! lol



I don’t know how it is for you guys but the struggle is real when it comes to red lipsticks. I can never find the right shade. They are always too bright or so dark it shouldn’t even be considered red. Velvet Mousse from Hard Candy in the color Tulip has totally won my heart. Its matte but it doesn’t leave your lips dry and it doesn’t transfer as much as I thought it would. I love this so much that when I decided to do a giveaway (wink, wink) This might be the first thing I throw in there.


That’s it, guys! I hope you guys enjoy my favorites! Tell me some of your favorite drugstore items in the comments below! I’m always down to try new products! And as always click the link below to watch  🙂



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Disclaimer: This post does have affiliate links and I earn a small commission from these links. You are not obligated to purchase any of these items what-so-ever. I used these products each and every day, and all opinions are extremely honest. I would never recommend anything that I do not use personally!