Spring Haul 2018|Fashion Nova, Burlington & Forever 21

Spring is finally here! Good god, it feels like it has taken forever to get here! It has still been relatively cold in Atlanta. Hopefully, this will be the last cold front and I can finally break out my freaking flip flops! With spring finally arriving its the perfect excuse to buy a few new items. I didn’t go too crazy but I was in desperate need of some new jeans. So I ended up with 6 pairs of new jeans but surprisingly it wasn’t as expensive as you would think. I think I picked some really good pieces for an awesome price.  I’m gonna show you guys a few of my favorite items from this spring haul. As always for my folks who’d rather not read the haul video is posted down below 🙂


The first item is actually a set. You probably me saw me wear this in Cali’s birthday video. This purple jogging suit set is so cute and super comfortable. It resembles an Adidas jogging suit but of course much cheaper. This is a great transitional option from winter to spring. Now that I have finally posted this on the blog I’m probably gonna wear this a lot now  lol (Fashion Nova)




This next piece is also a transitional piece. Its a sweater but in crop top form. I  just love the puff sleeves on this shirt, allowing you to be a little extra without going too far lol. Even though it shows your belly its perfect for this crazy Atlanta weather. Especially when its 28 degrees in the morning and 65 by the afternoon! (Forever 21)



This striped crop top is everything with the straight up 70’s vibes.  Its super soft and the little tie in the front really makes the shirt ready for not just spring but summer as well. As a person with bigger boobs, a really appreciate how well this shirt was made! (Fashion Nova)



Last but not least, My favorite item of the haul! This freaking bodysuit that says “Glow’d Up” is ready to serve the street sis! This is the first bodysuit I have ever bought and let me tell you I was not disappointed at all! This piece did scare me a bit because the side boob on the model was REAL. But it wasn’t that bad for me. This top is perfect for those days you wanna be ultra sexy but wanna be chilled at the same time. this top can be dressed up or down. (Fashion Nova)



What is your springtime style? Is it more casual or super extra? I would love to know in the comments below.

If you wanna see the rest of my haul just click the youtube video below!


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Moms Gone Wild …Finally…

I know I’ve been missing for a few weeks and I send you all my humblest of apologies! Life got a little hectic for me. I recently went on a moms night out for my friends birthday and I feel like that was a much-needed rest button for me. Sometimes as moms we forget that we are people too. Not only are we just people, we are individuals who have needs outside the premise of being a mother or a significant other. More times than not we forget who we are and completely lose ourselves because we are drowning in everyone else’s wants and needs. If you forget yourself for too long, it can potentially become a crisis. I plan on doing a self-care series real soon 😉


Its super important as a human being, in general, to have some you time. Some of my favorite things to do are take a hot bath or watch old black and white movies. Simply being able to take an uninterrupted nap does wonder for my soul, but the ultimate getaway is being able to hang with my good girlfriends. There is nothing like being with your friends and being able to be 100 percent yourself. Being able to let loose and just be you with absolutely no titles! No mom, no significant other, no coworker, no nothing! Just you!


This past weekend was one of my best friends birthday and we decided to get together and forget all our worries. We had all been through so much this year, and each had extremely unique situations but the feeling was mutual… we all needed a damn break!  This girls weekend was desperately needed!


Bday Girl!

The birthday girl decided to get a hotel for the weekend for herself. The Grand Hyatt in Buckhead was BOMB! Super fancy and super relaxing. I was only there few hours but the mood was everything a relaxing weekend should be. I was so excited that she was able to do such a getaway by herself as these moments are super rare for moms. With an official meet up spot set, the weekend was ours.


We grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to this bar called Day Dreams Atlanta. Let me tell you this bar was EXACTLY that… a literal dream. Willy Wonka was playing on all the TVs. The walls were covered with grass and flowers like Alice in Wonderland. The staff all had on costumes. There were so many weird pictures everywhere and the cherry on top of this absolutely awesome cake… Nothing but trap music! Boy heaven is real and I found it in Atlanta lol!



This was probably one of the best night I have had in years. But I think showing you would be better than continuing to explain. 🙂  The wait is over, click the link for my weekend adventure.




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