Young, Wild, & Three

Thank you guys for being so understanding about skipping a post last week.  It was so hectic I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I’m back and ready to get you guys up to speed. We celebrated my youngest child’s (Cali) 3rd birthday.  Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday we brought cupcakes to the pre-school and of course let her open her gifts from us. Her gift from us included: Spring clothing, 2 pairs of sandals, a pair of air force ones, Sunglasses, a hat, heart-shaped purse, An Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, and head phones.

I also made her a custom tutu for her party that Saturday. To match her custom shirt that I bought that says “Young, Wild, & Three”.



Her actual party was Saturday. We had the 1st part of the party in our tiny home and the other half of the party at the skating rink. So naturally I had to decorate for the home portion of this event. Let’s be honest, I just came off of the high of Christmas and 1st of the month  bills had been paid on top of the birthday gifts being purchased. so running low on cash was an understatement. Luckily for me I’m crafty on a budget and got it done.


The most expensive item in this picture is the number 3 balloon which was $11.99 at Party city. We had Pizza, drinks and cupcakes at the house and then we headed to the skating rink.

Cali was not about the skate life at all! As a matter of fact she did not enjoy the skating rink at all. ( Probably because she wanted me to open a dolls she received as a gift as we were walking out the door to head to the skating rink. Oh can that child hold a grudge!)

All in all she had an awesome week! She loves the tablet so much, it’s all she talks about. She literally figured out how to use it in less than 30 minutes. I am so sad and excited that we have officially reached” threenager” ! It literally goes by so fast you guys. Hug your babies while you can because before you know it they will be like my oldest child, headed to middle school and having valentines….. (story for another post lol)



Now you know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t film the event, because know…YouTube is life lol!  Click the link below and check it out!


TLA Sign