D.I.Y Glam Phone Case


Hey guys! I just wanted to quickly share with you my sister’s glam phone case I did for her. This is not a tutorial but a visual of how you can take crafting items you already have and use them for other things than what you originally bought them for.



These were some random left over items from a previous project. My sister hated her red Outer-box so, I asked her to give it to me to see what I could possibly do.

Random Items:

  • Faux Pearls
  • Plastic rhinestone
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • E600 Industrial Glue (clear)
  • Random White Index cards
  • Left-over tape from Christmas




I took the left-over tape and random white index card to cover the plastic screen to keep it safe from the spray paint.



I then took my left-over gold spray paint and sprayed the case. I must say acrylic paint and paint brush would have made this part a lot easier! But I was using what I had so I made it work 🙂 . I let the spray paint dry for about 30 -45 minutes



Then the gluing process begun!



This small project actually turned out 10 times better than what I originally thought it would! She loves it!



Wanna see a time-lapse of this project? You know I’ve got you covered 😉


TLA Sign


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