Oh, No Sex Ed. | The “Talk” with preteen

My oldest daughter recently had her first sexual education class. Her reactions were quite comical but also made me want to extend the opportunity for her to ask me questions. What I learned is kids know way more than what we give them credit for and how important it is to have “the talk”.

Her questions were so innocent and some were a little raunchy, I must admit, but the fact that she felt comfortable enough with me to even ask me ANYTHING was the greatest feeling. I don’t want to call my self a cool mom but I do pride myself on being open and honest with my kids. Not to say that I am graphic about everything and just out of control but open communication is something that is extremely important to me when it comes to my kids.  If having one honest conversation stops my child from going out in this world and doing something stupid, or getting into trouble and not being afraid to call me then that’s just what I’m going to do!

I posted on social media that Paris had had her first sex ed. class and a classmate of mine suggested that I film it. So I did just that! Paris, along with my little sister, was okay with me filming just a small part of our sex ed. conversation.  The video is linked down below. Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: If you do not agree with above topic, please exit stage left. We will be discussing things such as puberty, sex, basic human anatomy (both male & female) as well as providing much-needed answers to the questions of preteens on said topics. If you do not agree with these types of discussions with children this video is not for you. But I have plenty of other videos you may enjoy 😉





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Organization 101: Small Home, No Storage?

If you have Children and live in a small home, you can feel the emotions of this picture!  Having a smaller home or apartment is never a bad thing but, it can be quite frustrating when new things come into the home and you have no space for the new items. This picture was taken BEFORE Christmas so imagine what my lireno afterving room would have looked like if I had not have jumped into action! So on Black Friday and a few weeks after, I slowly started to purchase  the items That I need to get this freaking house in order. Organization always takes a little time, especially when money is involved lol.  So lets kick the new year off right and jump right in!




My first purchase was from Big Lot’s. I got 2 storage cubes for about 40 bucks. They were on sale so the original price for these cubes was $39.99. Storage cubes are always an awesome way to organize your home and it still look some what chic, so to speak.

Side Note: These cubes were hard as hell to put together. IKEA had nothing on these things lol. So if you are looking for cubicle storage be sure to ask a clerk how easy or hard the piece is to put together. Or see if they are willing to let you see the instructions before hand.



Next I purchased these cubicle storage bins from Amazon. A pack of 6 bins cost about $10.99 so I bought 2 packs for a total of $21.98. Which is awesome considering that most storage bins are at the cheapest $3.99 a piece anywhere else.




I also purchased this simple ottoman from Walmart for about $27. This was also another sale item that I just so happen to find walking through the place. Long story short, shop around! Don’t be in such a hurry to get organized that you spend more money than you have to! Even if that means buy your items one item at a time. Its all good, it will get done don’t worry!




Once I had all the items I needed, I grabbed both kids and start to put things in their new homes. I made it into a game so the kids were more than excited for this project. Which is super important if you don’t want to do all the work yourself. I mean… it is their stuff after all!





Once every thing has a home… BOOM! You’re done! Now you can invite people over with out the shame of the junk corner, front and center! lol


before reno


I hope this helped you guys out in anyway. If you have any questions , be sure to leave a comment below. I love when you guys comment! As usual if you would like to see the in depth process, Just click on the video below 🙂


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NEW YEAR 2018 Lessons, Goals, & Secrets?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have officially made it another year.  I’m so excited for what the new year has to bring. So of course I have to do my annual Lesson and Goals Video! I also have a secret surprise for you guys! Be sure to check it out!!

And if you have been wondering where I’ve been. Let me direct YouTube! I have linked all the Christmas vlogs for you to enjoy as well.