Fall Haul 2017| Fashion Nova, Forever 21 & More

What’s up people? So I have been working on this fall hall for literally months! I just haven’t had the quiet time needed to film the haul! When is it comes to noise, my kids don’t play lol. But I finally got it filmed and ready for your eyes to see! If you’re new TLA, there is one thing you should know…..I’m cheap as hell! I absolutely positively do not pay full price for anything EVER! Maybe on some groceries but that’s about it! I’m all for the clearance life and I ‘m a bloodhound for a good sale! What can I say I like to make my dollar go far!  So with this haul, I bought a total of 11 items. Most of the items I got for less than 10 bucks! I’m only sharing with you my 5 favorites out of the 11 items.


Item #1:

This Sweater came from Forever 21 in the clearance section. This sweater is so thick and so warm. A sweater like this can easily go for 30 bucks but I only paid $8.99!!!

$8.99-Forever 21


Item #2:

I actually wore this dress to a baby shower! I freaking love this dress! This dress has awesome details and frills. It’s super flirty and fun! Although it is long sleeve, it is cool and comfortable! Yet another find in the Forever 21 clearance section.

$8.99- Forever 21


Item #3:

This next piece is also from Forever 21. This dress was like a long john material. Super easy to dress up or dress down and the perfect transition from summer to fall and fall to winter. It is so sexy and hugs your curves in all the right places! Guess what I paid for this?……… 5 Dollars!!!!!!!! YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!

$5.00- Forever 21


Item #4:

This jumpsuit from Fashion Nova is to DIE for! Yet another piece you can dress up or dress down. I got this item on sale! It’s was originally $19.99 and I paid 10 bucks for it.  The super cute henley material is super warm and super stretchy!

$9.99- Fashion Nova


Item #5

These boots are LIFE!!! These boots are probably the sexiest thing I have bought in the last few years! They are a velvety’ material and super comfortable! These boots were original $49.99 and went on sale for $38.99 I found a coupon code and paid 25 bucks for these shoes!!! Where are you gonna find a boot this sexy for $25? NOWHERE!! I can not wait to find somewhere to rock this sexy shoe!!

$25.00- Fashion Nova


To see the rest of these items in the haul, be sure to check out my youtube channel. That way you won’t miss a beat!