Banging Gifts On A Budget|Cute Gifts for less than 10 Bucks

Its that time of year again, and if your anything like me, you’re low on cash with a million people to buy for. Have no fear, I gotcha back!! If I don’t know how to do anything else, I know how to bargain shop and make it look GOOD. It’s all about the bang for your buck at the end of the day.  You can accomplish this really cute gift for less than 10 bucks!


Snapshot 2 (10-29-2017 12-20 PM)_edited

I wandered into Target to look for items at the dollars spot. Unfortunately, even the dollar spot was too expensive for me because I had 4 gifts to give to 4 different people. And 5 dollars a mug on top of other items was just too much. So I did what I always do….. I went end cap hunting. At Target at the end of most isles the have a little section for clearance items and BOOM! I found this mug for only $1.78! The bargain gods were shining down on me!


Snapshot 6 (10-29-2017 12-59 PM)_edited

The dollar spot at Target wasn’t a total bust! I found these super cute Cards for $1 buck!!!! 8 blank cards with envelopes. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!!!!


Snapshot 3 (10-29-2017 12-20 PM)_edited

NEXT STOP! Wal-mart! It didn’t take long to find an awesome deal. This fleece blanket was only $2.50!!!! Like, COME ON!! Who does this!!! Most fleece blankets start at 6 bucks and up. I definitely won with this purchase!


Snapshot 4 (10-29-2017 12-21 PM)_edited

What’s a mug and a blanket without hot cocoa? It’s just can’t be done! So it was only right that I buy some!! And since I was already in Walmart I saved some time!

Box of 8 pouches Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa W/Marshmallows -$2.98


Snapshot 5 (10-29-2017 12-22 PM)_edited

Now to wrap it all up! I ran to PartyCity and grabbed some Basket shrink wrap for $3.99. I Had just enough wrap to wrap all 4 gifts. I Would have had way more left over if I hadn’t over measured while cutting.



And BAM!! A super cute and thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank! Perfect for the holidays and making sure the ones you love stay warm!

I’ll most likely have a few more post like these before Christmas time! Tis The Season Guys!!