D.I.Y Cheap Boho-Glam Flower Mirror in 10 Minutes or less!

Whats up guys! Back with another tutorial! It’s super quick, easy, and cheap way to kind to give your room some positive vibes.

Here are the supplies you’re going to need:

  • Full-length mirror (Wal-mart $4.88 or Target $8)
  •  Faux Flowers ( Dollar Tree $1 or any craft store)
  • Hot glue/Hot glue gun (Wal-mart $3.54)
  • Transparent tape ( Dollar Tree $1 or any kind!)
  • Paper (newspaper, scratch paper, any kind of paper!)
  • Scissors (Wal-mart $1.88)

Step 1:

Take your faux flowers and pop them right off the stems. Be sure to cut any excess stem away from the flower so it’s easier to glue to your mirror.

flower snip


Step 2:

Clean the area of the mirror that you plan to apply the flowers. A clean surface will make the hot glue stick better.

mirror clean

Step 3:

Apply your paper on top of the mirror with the transparent tape.This will protect the mirror from any hot glue accidents. If you get any hot glue on your mirror while doing this project it’s not a big deal,  hot glue is pretty easy to remove once it is cooled. Be sure that any areas you plan to apply your flowers to are left uncovered.


paper tape.jpg

Step 4:

Plug in your hot glue gun and while it is heating up, take your flowers and cut away any excess plastic green leaf away from the flower. All flower are made differently so you may not have this issue.


plastic cut

Step 5:

Take your hot glue gun and apply to the base of the flower. make sure you get just a little hot glue on the flower petals for a sturdier hold.


flower glue.jpg

(*WARNING:* Be very careful as the hot glue is extremely HOT and you can burn yourself!!………I burned the shit out of myself a million times because I wasn’t paying attention lol) 

Step 6:

Apply flower in any position you would like. Be sure to hold the flower in position for 3-5 second to ensure that the hot glue has stuck to the mirror.

(There is no wrong way to do this! Go crazy!!!)


flower hold

Step 7:

Once you’ve applied your flowers, allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes



And Wallah! You have your own Boho flower mirror.



Don’t feel like reading all of this? You’re in luck you don’t have to!!


You’re Welcome!