Back-To-School 101: Shopping Tips & Tricks

I know you’re like why in the hell is she talking about back to school shopping and the school year is almost over? Believe it or not now, is a great time to start! Shopping for kids can be quite expensive especially if you have more than one! Thankfully I only have to deal with one child for now until my youngest is school age. But my downfall to that is, my oldest wears uniforms to school. So that means every year I pretty much have to buy everything brand new on top of getting school supplies! But luckily I have learned a lot of trick along the way that are extremely cost-effective AND name brands you know!

Let’s dive in!



Now I know it’s 2017, but some people are unaware that most stores offer the best deal online and a lot of times have even cheaper prices than the store! Some online stores even let you use coupons along with the deal of the day!  Here are some of the deal I was able to catch this past summer. (a lot of  deals run every other month so, you don’t have to worry about missing out 😉 )

  • Old Navy – Uniform Polo’s $5|Uniform Bottoms $8| polo dress & jumpers $10| Entire store Additional 30% off|Additional 30% with email sign up | Free shipping
  • Carter’s – Shoes buy one get one free| Tee & Leggings $4.50| Entire store 60% off with additional 25% with email sign up| Free Shipping on $25 and above.
  • H&M– Up to 60% off kids shoes & accessories|Print Dresses $5.99| Kids Denim  starting at $9.99|Sweat shirts $9.99| 20% off & free shipping with email sign up.
  • – 4 pack of polo shirts $16.98| Polo dresses $8 | Uniform bundle pack starting at $12.88| Free Shipping.

Again these are just some of the deals I got in on. What I’ve learned is that simply signing up for emails not only give you additional Discounts it also gives you the heads up when there is a sale and some awesome member only coupons/exclusives.

School Supplies

Everyone thinks that Wal -mart has the best prices when it comes to school supplies and that’s not quite true. A lot of stores know that they have to compete with Wal-mart and will intentionally lower their prices in order to compete and drive more sales. Don’t be afraid to shop around Here are a list of a few stores that tend to have cheaper school supplies than Wal-mart.

  • Big Lot’s
  • Dollar Tree (of course everything’s a dollar)
  • Target (they have the dollar station)
  • Even places like Ross, T.J. max and Marshall’s will have really cute items for a low price.




Mental Notes

I don’t know about you but every store I go into, I ALWAYS make a mental note of what I am paying, for every last one of my items. It helps me narrow down what stores are worth going to and if a sale is really worth my time.

For example: If Target has there Aveeno baby wash on sale for $7 dollars this week. It sounds like an amazing deal (because let’s be honest Aveeno products are a bit pricey), but when you take mental notes of what your spending every time you shop, you will know that Wal-mart carries that same product at $5.98 every day. So you already know the sale price at target is not a good as it seems. That’s the importance of making mental notes! I know a dollar doesn’t seem like much but every dollar counts at the end of the day! I don’t care if you’re a millionaire!  Being price conscience can save you tons a year.


What this means is buy winter clothes in late spring-early summer and buy summer clothes in late fall-early winter. Now, this can be a bit tricky with children as they can have a random growth spurt at any moment. But clothes off-season are  60-80% cheaper than when you buy during the season. Especially for uniforms!  School Uniforms are the cheapest around this time, as it is the end of the school year, and around Christmas time. I know shopping off season doesn’t sound too glamorous but if you stick with the basics closet needs and avoid shopping on trend you will never lose.

and last but not least…..

Thrift stores!

Now If you’re really in a bind and need a great deal, a thrift store is where you will find it. Kid consignment stores are amazing little, hidden jewels! Now I’ve never had any luck with clothes because they never seem to have my children’s size(I always end up with amazing like new toys) but when I shop the isles trying to find clothing items most of the items are brand new with the tags still attached. Name brand items might I add! You can also sell your used items and get credit or cash towards your new purchase! So it’s a win-win!   BEWARE: thrifting can become a serious addiction! Shop wisely lol!


I hope these tips helped! If you have any tips & tricks of your own, please be sure to comment below!