D.I.Y Kate Spade Themed Party

Last weekend I helped with a surprise 30th birthday for my best cousin/friend Brittany. We ( her mom, other best friend, and I ) literally took months to plan this! It was so hard keeping it a secret! I mean, I usually can’t hold water and I’m not a very good liar either. We even work together which made it extra hard because I literally see her all day and all she would talk about is turning 30! I’m so glad its over lol.

Her mom decided to go with the Kate Spade theme due to that being Brittany’s favorite designer right now and ask if I would help with decorations. This theme was fairly easy to accomplish! Now did I think it was easy while trying to figure it out ….Nope, not once! It honestly haunted me in my sleep but only because I’m a perfectionist. Kate Spade is all about stripes, polka dots and all things girly and pink. With a little mod podge, critical thinking and ingenuity you can also accomplish this look for your next party just like I did.Oh, and most of these Items were purchased from the Dollar Tree!

My first thought when I heard the theme was glitter and gold! So I not only made gold glitter trays, I also made gold and glitter flower vases as well. I took some gold Rustoleum spray paint and double coated the trays and glass vases.(Disclaimer: always spray paint outside on non-windy days…the struggle was real lol)  I let the items dry for a few hours before I went in with the mod podge and glitter. Brittany’s mom printed out a few quotes and made glitter frames to put the quotes in. (I will have a detailed post and YouTube tutorial on how to make the glitter trays later)

The vases, candle holders, trays and flowers were all purchased at the dollar tree.


Next, I decided to think a little outside the box, well more so thinking of boxes. I bought some basic white gift boxes in 2 different sizes as well as some cute decorative gift boxes that they had. I found some polka dot wrapping paper from party city and some gold and silver tissue paper from target to wrap the boxes in. It was so hard finding gift wrap I went to so many different stores that it gave me a headache! Which is where the gold and silver tissue paper came in, I had to get super creative. I wrapped the bigger plain gift boxes with the silver side of the tissue paper and the smaller boxes in the polka dot wrapping paper. The decorative boxes I spray painted gold and coated the tops with mod podge and glitter. I arranged the boxes so each box was visible and added a beautiful faux flower from garland I got from Michael’s.



Black and white striped round table covers were a must!  We had a hard time finding table runners so we took some rectangle table covers folded them so that would fit the table. It turned out pretty decent. All table cover were purchased from Oriental Trading. We also took some pink dollar tree flower petals and scattered them on each table.



For the main table, where the beautiful cake was placed, we used a gold sequins tablecloth and that flower garland from Michael’s to place across the table in front of the cake. We tossed in some candy for fun 🙂  For the food tables, we just use basic black and white table covers.




Last but not least, we had to have a focal point of the room for taking pictures and what not. We got a plastic black and white striped backdrop from  Oriental Trading. And some decorative paper fans from Etsy. I took some old copy paper boxes and wrapped them in the leftover polka dot and gold gift wrap I had. I got some glitter paper from hobby lobby and cut out the letters to Spell B.R.I.T. I mod podge them down to the boxes and added some ribbon for dramatic detail. I think it turned out great.




Considering that this was my first event, other than something for my kids, I think I did really good! I took pictures as well and those came out great. I pretty much took on 2 jobs I had never done before and was successful. or at least I think I was. As stressful as it was the satisfaction, in the end, was amazing! As I said before I will have a detailed tutorial on how to make the glitter tray that will be in a later post 🙂 We had such an awesome time! Although I have a few years before I’m 30 I’m so excited to reach such a wonderful age. 30 is the new 20 is such a true statement lol.

Have you guys ever been asked to do something you’ve never done before? How did you feel and were you successful? Also if you would like a tutorial on all the pieces made other than the glitter tray let me know in the comments below 🙂