Get Fit With Me: Haul (Five Below)

My husband and I started a running routine back in September. We would run about 5 laps run on a local park track that was almost a mile long. We started falling off of this routine due to the time change and cold weather. So by mid-November, we were completely off routine especially with all the holidays, we were like we will pick back up in January. Well, January has come and gone, it is February (the very end!) and I am ready to get back to routine. There is still a few problems…. we are still in the winter time change so it still gets dark at 5 pm and it’s still a bit cold here in Georgia once the sun goes down. So I decided to get a membership at my local gym Planet Fitness! 10 bucks a month how can you beat that!

Now that I have a membership, I needed to get some gear. I really didn’t have any workout clothes or anything. When we went running in the earlier months I would just but on some old cotton shorts and a tank and go for it! But with it still being winter it is way too cold for shorts and  I don’t feel comfortable working out in short in front of people. On the track, its just us and the kids, at the gym its random strangers and God forbid I have some butt cheek hanging out at the gym and some weirdo staring (which has happened already by the way and no cheeks were even out). So I decided to hit up  FiveBelow for all my workout items I needed. If you have never heard of FiveBelow, this store literally has everything in the store 5 bucks or less!

I spent a total of 50 bucks on the items below:

  • Water bottle
  • Arm wrap phone holder
  • Waistband
  • (2) Workout tank
  • (2) Workout Leggings
  • Running sneakers
  • Gym Bag

(I’ll have a video posted below of my workout haul)

2017 is most definitely the year of doing better in all aspects. Summer is coming! I wanna be footloose and fancy-free on the beach with my thong bikini on……..maybe not a thong but I want to feel comfortable! I seriously don’t have that much that I’m trying to lose. 10 pounds is the goal 20 is the maximum. 20 pound maybe too much I am a southern belle, after all, lol ( thick is it, in the south). I’m going to try to keep you guys updated as much as possible with all my accomplishment but I’m going at this as casual as possible. I am super healthy, so the weight loss is totally by choice not force. Once I get into full swing of things I’ll give you my full weight loss plan (i.e what I’m eating, workout routines and all that jazz.)

If any of you have recently lost weight or have any tips on how to lose weight fast (the healthy way) Please be sure to comment below! I’m always looking for tips and tricks!




This is not a sponsored post ( but a girl can dream 🙂