Offically Terribly Two

This past weekend, we celebrated my youngest daughters (Cali) birthday. She is officially 2 going on 22 lol. We had an amazing time, we were able to get most of her family together for a birthday lunch at O’Charley’s (We decide on this place because she loves the bread.). We had cupcakes at her school and had an adventure in Toys R’Us.


It’s amazing how fast they grow up. I literally feel like I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday and BOOM she talking and telling me what she will and will not do as well as what she wants to eat and what she won’t eat. Where is the time going? What can I do to slow it down just a tiny bit? These are questions for both of my kids because my oldest will be 10 this year! Like I’m literally months away from having a preteen! My little mommy heart breaks just thinking about it. I know growing up is a part of life but geez I didn’t think it would happen this fast!  ……Okay, okay you’ve heard enough of my mommy “Jordan” tears lol.

So We got Cali one gift this year. I know what your thinking “what kinda parents Only buy one gift?” Hear me out, the one gift was pretty pricey. We could have gotten like 10-15 gifts for the price of this one gift. She already has everything she could possibly want or need so we were like why not just be ridiculous and buy one expensive gift! ……….We bought her a remote control Mercedes-Benz truck!


When I tell you this is the cutest little car I have ever seen in my life and she loves it! And the best part is she will be able to ride in it until she is like 5 or 6 years old. This thing has a push button start, working head and tail lights, aux cord connection, with additional headlights that go to the beat of the music and of course a remote control for us to use until she learns how to drive it herself! My husband plays with this thing more than the baby actually does lol.

So with our one really big and expensive gift. She was showered with a ton of other gifts. We asked that people purchase spring clothes if they wanted to bring a gift. She has so many little spring outfits, I can’t wait for it to warm up so she can strut her stuff. She did receive one toy which was totally fine. It was a Peppa Pig tea set with 2 characters from the show (she is obsessed with this show). She also received a $20 dollar gift card for Toys R’Us, so we decided to take a trip and let her spend it there. She picked out a Peppa Pig magnetic book(obsessed I tell you!) and a small purse. She also received a free gift from Toys R’Us because I signed her up for the Geoffrey Giraffe Birthday Club. She got a Geoffrey giraffe plush and a hardcover book featuring Geoffrey.


After an already long and exciting day, my Grandma had a 60th birthday party that night. Her birthday is the day after Cali’s. We all went and had an amazing time. It’s just something about watching old folks get drunk that warms the heart. The house was so full of love and positive energy and of course lots of drunk hugs and kisses for everyone! Even the adults lol. Nothing like drunk grandparents, aunts, and uncles to make an already awesome day even better lol

All in all, it was an awesome Saturday and I got most of it on film. Be sure to check out the YouTube video below to see our fun adventure!