Get Fit With Me: Haul (Five Below)

My husband and I started a running routine back in September. We would run about 5 laps run on a local park track that was almost a mile long. We started falling off of this routine due to the time change and cold weather. So by mid-November, we were completely off routine especially with all the holidays, we were like we will pick back up in January. Well, January has come and gone, it is February (the very end!) and I am ready to get back to routine. There is still a few problems…. we are still in the winter time change so it still gets dark at 5 pm and it’s still a bit cold here in Georgia once the sun goes down. So I decided to get a membership at my local gym Planet Fitness! 10 bucks a month how can you beat that! Continue reading


Offically Terribly Two

This past weekend, we celebrated my youngest daughters (Cali) birthday. She is officially 2 going on 22 lol. We had an amazing time, we were able to get most of her family together for a birthday lunch at O’Charley’s (We decide on this place because she loves the bread.). We had cupcakes at her school and had an adventure in Toys R’Us.


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