DIY Glam Headphones

If you’re anything like me, you pretty much love anything that is sparkly, bedazzled and jeweled! I’m all about the glitter! SO….as my oldest child slept, I borrowed her headphones for a morning surprise! This project took me about 30 minutes, It probably would have taken less time if my fingernails weren’t so freaking long (I will be getting them cut down asap!).  This project was super simple and provided a lot of unexpected stress relief!

Supplies you will need: (I got most of these items ON SALE!!)



This glue is industrial strength and can be a bit messy but it comes off of skin and other things super easy! Kind of like rubber glue back in elementary school.

Since I have already filmed a YouTube video making these headphones, I didn’t get a chance to take step by step pictures.  I will do a demonstration using poster board. I will be using black adhesive so you can see better but I recommend using clear adhesive!


You’re going to take your glue and apply very small amount. Like a small blob. Then use the tip of your glue to spread that tiny blob around the base of your headphones. A little goes a long way with this glue, I kinda learned the hard way lol



Once you’ve spread the glue. Take your rhinestones and pearls and start placing them on as desired! You can do this by hand or use tweezers (I did both) For this specific look, I tried to make my pearls my focal point! So I would do one jumbo pearl, a medium rhinestone, and a mixture of tiny rhinestone, and medium to small pearls. I keep applying until I have no more glue visible.

Then I move on to the next area and start from step one again: You repeat these 3 steps until you headphones are covered in pearls and rhinestones!!  Let it dry overnight and Wallah! Glam headphones!


Super simple! You could probably do it with your eyes closed! (don’t do that lol)

Here is the YouTube version of me making the headphones:

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Hope you guys enjoyed! As always if you have any suggestions leave a comment below!