TLA Vlog #2: The (almost) Terrible Two’s

I have another vlog posted to my YouTube channel from this past weekend! It was a pretty simple weekend nothing too extravagant. My ALMOST 2-year-old, went on a little terrible two’s rampage this weekend lol. I caught a few moments. Hope you guys enjoy! Continue reading


DIY Glam Headphones

If you’re anything like me, you pretty much love anything that is sparkly, bedazzled and jeweled! I’m all about the glitter! SO….as my oldest child slept, I borrowed her headphones for a morning surprise! This project took me about 30 minutes, It probably would have taken less time if my fingernails weren’t so freaking long (I will be getting them cut down asap!).  This project was super simple and provided a lot of unexpected stress relief!

Supplies you will need: (I got most of these items ON SALE!!)


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My First Vlog Ever!

What’s up guys? Long time no post! Well, I am back and better than ever! So many changes have happened OMG I don’t even know where to start!

Soooooo I guess I will start with what the title says. On New Year day 2017, I posted my first vlog EVER! Gosh, it was one of the biggest learning curves I think I’ve ever experienced! But it was so worth it! I filmed from December 23rd-26th. Just a little glimpse into my family and home life! The kids opening their gifts on Christmas and other celebratory situations!  That’s right guys I am officially on YouTube! It has been a long time coming but I finally did it and will continue doing it!  All thanks to the new Christmas gifts I got this year :D! Continue reading