27 never felt better!

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So I celebrated my birthday on June 30th. I am officially in my late 20’s! 27 years old to be exact! If you follow my Snap Chat you would have seen that I posted a lot of little videos celebrating me. Now my birthday was exactly a month ago and I gained a ton of knowledge about in just 4 weeks. And I want to share what I’ve learned so far.


Just because you are passionate or care about a certain cause, you can not assume that other people around you have that same passion, even if it’s expected of them. For example: If I care about saving all the homeless dogs in the world that doesn’t mean that someone who has multiple dogs in their home wants the same thing. As shocking and dumb as that may sound it’s the truth. Some people really only care about themselves and their own causes regardless of if you share the same background or similar life struggles. which brings me to my next lesson.


Just don’t! Just because you do or handle things a certain way doesn’t mean the next person has the same understanding as you. When you have no expectations you tend to be less angry when people do the things you wouldn’t dare do.


Especially in the workplace! Always remember a listening ear is a running mouth later.  Never EVER vent to your co-workers no matter how cool you think they are. Never help or give them a heads up about anything! The moment you do these things can and will turn into a situation where your casual conversation or helpful tip becomes office drama. People will smile in your face and convince you they’re your friend when the whole time they are envious of your position and looking for any reason to bring you down. Just be mindful of your surroundings…….(shout out to my 3-year-old goddaughter for the term “petty bear” best made up term in history!)



what I mean by this is, if you want to be looked upon a certain way in life you have to put actions behind that image/title you want to portray. For example, you can’t expect people to call you a boss bi*ch and you’ve done nothing to prove that you are.  Action is required for all titles and images. So get to work!




It’s important to constantly reinvent and better yourself. For my birthday I was in desperate need for change so I dyed my hair red. Not for the reason everyone would think. I did it because I knew that seeing a different image of myself would ignite a much-needed fire to fiercely work towards my dreams. Every since I dyed my hair I eat, sleep and dream about making my blog the best it can be. Reinvention can be anything like changing a habit, or trying a new lifestyle or just better educating your self about the dreams and goals you want to accomplish.


Now of course I like the normal stress relief tools IE: taking time for yourself  or a long relaxing bath/shower.But I realized that I found stress relief in some of the other things I do. I sometimes get the urge to draw. I am no artist by any means, I just simply do it to challenge myself and see what other skills I’m capable of. I realize recently that urge to draw is my mind signaling me that I am over loading and need to address it immediately. I have been randomly drawing things since I was a child and it took me 27 years to realize that I only do this in high stress situations or when I’m seriously overwhelmed by life. It is very important to know your body and listen to the signs. This past week in particular has literally push me to my limited so I ended up participating in the #mystylechallenge that going viral on the internet right now!

10 Ways To Relieve Stress and Anxiety






Being lazy gets you no where and actually waste valuable time. I’ve learned to just buck up and do what I need to do. Once its done you can lay about all ya want. I have even gotten to a point that if I see that the  drive-thru line is super long no matter how tired I am, I just go inside because I know those few extra steps will get me home fast than waiting in a long drive through line.  Besides being proactive now can afford you extra lazy time later 🙂


I am all about self-love especially in these past 5 years of my life. But I learned a new lesson in self-love. No matter who doesn’t support you. No matter who treats you bad. No matter how unloved you feel by others, you have got to move forward and continue loving yourself. Keep being the best person you know how to be no matter how hard the world challenges your self-love! The “glow up” is real and not everyone is going to be happy for you and that’s OKAY! You keep on glowing! Just because others turn away from your light  doesn’t mean your light is not helping someone else. Self love is the BEST love! No Approval Needed!!


I could go on and on but I just stick with sharing what I thought was most important. I hope you got something useful from my lessons learned lol.


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