D.I.Y Vanity|Workstation

Right before I had my youngest daughter.We decided that it was best to have her crib in our room. Long story short, once she turned one we decided that it was time to move her in with big sister (we are currently renting a 2 bedroom property). Which was pretty pointless as she is still in our bed and refuses to leave. But none the less the crib is gone.Which left our room looking a little awkward as we could not remember the set up we had pre-baby. So I decided why not use the space for a vanity/ work station.  Of course I had to beg my husband and what can I say I’m just to adorable to say no too lol. (I mean I knew he was tired of having no counter space in the bathroom anyway)

Now I am probably one of the most frugal and spur of the moment creative people you will ever meet. And after searching online for different vanity set ups, I absolutely refused to spend hundreds of dollars on something so simple especially when that money can be used for more important things. So, in full creative mode, I began mapping out what I needed. I also decided that since we are in the market for a new house, once we moved I will splurge on exactly what I want but for now I just needed something simple.

DESK was the first thing on my list. I know I wanted it to be sturdy as I would be using this in my future vanity set-up. This is the one and only item I spent a bit of money on and it was worth it! When I saw this writing desk I instantly fell in love with it! I loved the chevron grey and white top and the fact that it had a little drawer . It was originally $130 at target but, Target online was having a sale so I got it for $68 and shipping was free!




STORAGE was next on my list! of course I need somewhere to store all my make-up, nail polish and all my other little nick knacks lol. Now of course what I want is the storage tower from IKEA but again I’m trying to do this for as cheap as possible. So  I got this plastic 6 drawer storage tower from Wal-Mart.com for $15 and got free shipping because it was my lucky day lol! I plan on dressing up the tower and making it really pretty but that’s for another post 😉

I also bought an acrylic make up storage tower. Most places wanted 20-30 dollars for just one piece. But I found the lipstick storage and the drawers together in a set at Ross for $19.




MIRRORS are a must! So I bought a square mirror to hang on the wall (Target $5) Since we are in a rental I hung the mirror with command strips. I also bought my round 2 sided mirror from Wal-Mart for $8.




Final Touch…..Decorations! So I went to hobby lobby in search of some really cute pictures.  Now I could have just bought frames and printed off some pictures and placed them in the frames but not only was I feeling lazy, hobby lobby was having an awesome sale! All the canvas and frame pictures we’re 50% off!! So I got one canvas picture and a framed picture for $16 bucks! I also bought an adhesive wall vinyl  which was not on sale but they gave me a discount for just for asking. So for all 3 items $24! (I also hung these pictures up with command strips.)



I made a Glitter tray to hold my jewelry. My oldest daughter bought me an arrow jewelry holder set which I thinks she got from 5 below not sure but it was free to me lol!

D.I.Y Glitter Tray

I also bought a desk lamp from Wal-Mart. That way when I’m working while people are sleeping, I won’t disturb them. The thing about this desk lamp is I picked out the lamp bottom and the lamp shade. They were $5 a pieces so 10 bucks for this lamp. I plan on doing a little project with this lamp as well.



The only thing that is missing is my chair. Which I have not found as of yet but for now I’m just using a random chair I found in my house (I think the chair is also $10 from Wal-Mart).I may figure out a way to pretty it up to save my dollar!



So I put all these pieces together and WALLA! Vanity/work station!  Nothing too fancy but it makes me smile when I wake up in the morning and gets me excited to start the day!


Hope you guys enjoyed!


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