Organization 101: Personal Organization

So as we all know life can get out of control really quickly! One simple way to combat that is to get organized. The more organized you are, the easier you can make life and the better you will feel about yourself! “But how and where do I start?” is probably what you’re asking right now. It’s really not hard! It only takes a few simple steps to get you in the right direction.

1.  Paper or Electronic

You need to figure out how you like to store things. Me personally I like both because I’m a very visual and hands-on type of person.  For example: I like for certain household bills to come via email (cable/internet) but for the other bills I like to have a physical piece of paper in my hand that I can store(car note). Basically important stuff = physical copy , unimportant =digital copy. Figuring out how you prefer to store and save items will help you figure what organization style you prefer.


2. To Do List

I absolutely HAVE to have a to-do list for everything! and I mean everything! I might forget my head is attached to my body without my daily to-do list. To-do list help you visually organize your thoughts and aid in deciding what is priority and what is not. When you know what is important and what is not that relieves tons of stress and anxiety. Since you guys are so AWESOME here is a copy of my to-do list just for you!

That Life Adri To Do List

3. Planner

There are all types of planners out there. Since I am very hands on I prefer a traditional notebook styled planner like this one:

Target-Planner$9.99 | Hobby lobby-Mug $:7.99

This planner has a lot of features : Like goal setting pages and a built-in daily to do list. Pretty much an all in one deal. Planners are like a to-do list but on a larger scale. It helps you plan life months in advance like appointments,birthdays, and other important events you may have. Now you don’t have to get a traditional planner there are plenty of awesome apps and programs out there if you prefer electronic organization.

4. Personal storage

All important document should be stored somewhere safe and dry ,One and Two easily accessible. I have done different methods of document storage and so far my favorite is the binder method! Pretty much you get a 3 ring binder of whatever size you may need, 3 hole Sheet protectors, 3 hole Divider tabs (with pockets preferred) Place the important documents in the page protectors. And use the divider tabs to separate documents into sections. For example:birth certificates/social security cards and immunizations/Medical records could be 2 different tabs that way it’s easy to flip to that tab and get what you need.

Once you have your tabs and page protected documents in order just place them in the 3 ring binder and store in a safe, dry and easily accessible place.  I personally am working on purchasing a fire-proof/water proof safe to ensure my items stay protected.


Wal-Mart|Binder:$1.89-Sheet protectors:$2.00-Pocket Tabs:$4.98


5. Time Management (schedule)

Now this is completely optional but it can be extremely helpful.  For me I have a lot of different titles.  Mother,Wife, Sister,friend,entrepreneur ,office assistant, maid, firefighter…. you name it, I’ve done it. So recently I realized that I was in desperate need of an extremely detailed schedule, especially with working full-time and trying to write for my blog as well as other personal projects, I was completely overwhelmed and feeling like there is not enough time in the day. So I sat down and was like I have time I just need to manage it better. Just by taking the time and thoroughly examining my daily routine I found a total of  17.5 hours per week of free time to work on personal projects.(yes this is an actual number I calculated, I could actually do more but I don’t want to push myself to insanity.) My schedule is DETAILED to the point I know down to the minute of what I need to be doing .  Now of course you don’t have to be that detailed, this is just the perfectionist in me.  But looking at the schedule puts things into perspective and immediately relieves any anxieties I may have about that day’s course of action. Now am I saying every day is going to be perfect, Of course not!  Life happens!



Excuse the sticky note! I have super detailed plans on this schedule and I don’t want to ruin the surprise 😉



6. YOU

Last but not least personal organization really depends on to you. Getting organized is pretty much a lifestyle change. You have to wake up every day determined to keep at it. Organization is not hard but it can be hard to keep up with. So don’t get frustrated just be patient with yourself and know that one day everything is going to eventually start moving smooth as butter!



I hope this helps you guys out. I will be doing a series of organizational post throughout the rest of the year as I have gotten a few request for this specific topic. So be on the lookout 🙂 If you have any personal organization tips leave them in the comments below!


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