D.I.Y Vanity|Workstation

Right before I had my youngest daughter.We decided that it was best to have her crib in our room. Long story short, once she turned one we decided that it was time to move her in with big sister (we are currently renting a 2 bedroom property). Which was pretty pointless as she is still in our bed and refuses to leave. But none the less the crib is gone.Which left our room looking a little awkward as we could not remember the set up we had pre-baby. So I decided why not use the space for a vanity/ work station. ย Of course I had to beg my husband and what can I say I’m just to adorable to say no too lol. (I mean I knew he was tired of having no counter space in the bathroom anyway) Continue reading


Organization 101: Personal Organization

So as we all know life can get out of control really quickly! One simple way to combat that is to get organized. The more organized you are, the easier you can make life and the better you will feel about yourself! “But how and where do I start?” is probably what you’re asking right now. It’s really not hard! It only takes a few simple steps to get you in the right direction. Continue reading