D.I.Y Glitter Tray

I have always wanted a glitter jewelry tray but looking online those things were pretty pricey and absolutely not worth the money.(I’m cheap so what!) So I decided to make one myself. Of course, when I looked at online tutorials it seemed pretty simple. Buy a frame and glitter paper. EASY right? So after going to a million stores I could not find not one sheet of glitter paper (I’m starting to believe glitter paper is a myth). After some thought to myself, I decided to go another route and it worked! It required a few more steps but cheap and easy all the same! Here’s what you will need:



– Mod Podge 8oz (gloss) (Wal-Mart $4.47)

– White picture frame 8×10 (Wal-Mart $3.76)

– Silver glitter 160z (Wal-Mart $6.47)

– Paint brush ( I already had some but you can find them for $1 at the dollar tree)

– Plastic cup (also can be found at the dollar tree)

– Old towel (one you don’t mind possibly getting messy)

(Now you can buy smaller amounts of the mod podge & glitter to make this project cheaper. I just bought this amount because I will be using it for other projects. )

So total amount spent =$ 14.70  (tax not included)

Now Let’s get to it!

  1. Spread your “old towel” out on a flat surface. Covering anything you don’t want to get messy.



2. unlatch the back of your frame and pull the backing and the glass out. Set the backing to the side for now. Lay glass down on the towel.

3. Take the plastic cup and pour enough Mod Podge to fill the bottom of the cup, you don’t need a lot. Mod Podge does have a little bit of a smell,  you can turn on a fan if it gets too strong. (depending on what size frame you have purchased. The bigger the frame the more you may need)


4. Once you have done that take the jar of glitter and pour it into the cup of Mod Podge. Pour enough to cover the white Mod Podge.

5. mix the contents of the cup together with you paint brush  and it should look like this:


6. Take the glass part of the frame, using your Paintbrush start spreading the mod-glitter mixture onto the glass until the glass is completely covered in the mixture.



Once it’s completely covered make sure to go back with your brush and make sure your mixture is spread evenly and uniform over the glass.

7. Now take the jar of glitter and light sprinkle glitter evenly all over the glass. Put enough to where you can no longer see the white mixture.

8. Take your frame backing and follow the same previous instructions. (You do this to ensure that they are no spots missing glitter once your tray is put together) but do NOT coat the entire backing! only coat 85% of the backing staying away from the edges as shown below:

9. Leave both pieces to dry. I let mine dry for a total of 8 hours. I would suggest more if possible! ( I didn’t do more because I was too excited when I woke up that morning to wait!)


10. Once dry. Carefully dump the excess glitter from the glass and the frame backing into the trash can. Carefully place the glass back in the frame (smooth side down). place backing back on the frame. Latch frame back together And Boom! You’re done!.

This is what it should look like!



I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! I’m sure there are easier ways to do this but this was really, really fun and the first thing I thought of (that thought might not have been original either, I’m sure I’m not the only person to do it this way lol ). I love my tray it’s so convenient when I come home from work and can just drop my jewelry and glasses on a tray. Especially the glasses part I can never find them in the mornings without my husband’s help.


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