It’s Been A while (Life Rant)

What’s up, guys! I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything … To be honest I really just lost my momentum and became unmotivated. Not because this is something that I don’t love but because life is just ‘unmotivating’ and draining sometimes! Life has been going great! it’s just that I have been caught up in everyone else and have yet again neglected myself. (which happens a lot ) I got a promotion at my job which has also taken up a lot of my thought process. Although I am EXTREMELY grateful for the opportunity it has taken a toll on me personally and made me quickly reassess everything in my life. Just thinking to myself is this really what I want to do for the REST of MY life? I mean a girls gotta make money right? This is the “Adult” thing to do, isn’t it? Work one job and retire is the ultimate goal right?……..So why can’t I process this in my mind if all these things are the right thing to do.

My mind is telling me there is so much more and life is not actually this mundane. It’s like I’m waiting for my fairy godmother to jump out of the bushes and say “SURPRISE this is all a joke and you are really the goddess you always thought yourself to be! let me whisk you away to reality!” *fingers crossed* So what do I do until that day comes?  This is what I’m trying to figure out. So with that being said. I’m going to change my platform a little bit to make sure that this blog truly reflects who I am as a person in hopes that it will help another person along the way.  Because at the end of the day writing and being creative is what I love and truly is the sunshine in my continuously cloudy life (or than my kids and my husband of course).  So I will be doing all new scheduling and changing the content just a little! You will still get some of the same stuff you love and I’m hoping to give you more to love & hopefully you’ll get to see more of my home life via vlogging.   Can’t wait to revamp and see what you guys think!  until then!




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