Scary Looks and Tales of Horror: Blog-A-Thon Double Feature


Today’s look will make you want to shout Enhelica Beauty 3 times! This Lady Beetlejuice is sure to please a crowd. Jasmine has added a touch of class and elegance not normally associated with the name Beetlejuice. This look has us begging to be haunted. To see more looks from her, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook @enhelicabeauty!


As kids we always would freak out when anyone wanted to play Bloody Mary. If you have never heard of her, how the ritual goes is that you go into a dark room that has a mirror in it. Stand in front of the mirror and chant Blood Mary 3 times and she will appear in the mirror all bloodied and causes you great harm. Some even add-on to the chant by saying “Bloody Mary! I stole your baby!”  Just about everyone has seemed to have a negative experience with this ritual. While some say that it’s just a childish game. There are different stories as to where the origin of Bloody Mary came from but here is the real deal.  Bloody Mary is Mary Tudor sister of Queen Elizabeth l of England. Mary was a Catholic who,while in rule, put many protestants to death through such extreme measures that she earned the nickname “Bloody Mary”.  Mary also had trouble trying to conceive.( a common problem with inbred bloodlines of ancient royals) She suffered from many ectopic pregnancies (phantom pregnancy). She showed all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy but bore no child. When she did not produce an heir, the throne was given to her sister, Queen Elizabeth l, who put her own sister(half-sister) to death. Mary was also confused with another royal by the name of Mary who was said to have killed hundreds of young girls and bathed in their blood in order to “sustain” her own beauty. But that story is for another day.  Well there you have it!

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