Scary Looks & Tales of Horror: Blog-A-Thon Double Feature

tales   While  thinking of a scary story to post today I came across an article about a man by the name of Billy Milligan. William is his birth name but he also went by 19 other names and was the first person in US history to use multiply personality disorder as a criminal defense successfully. Milligan was arrested for a slew of crimes but the one that made him famous was the multiple rapes he committed on a college campus.billy Milligan was apparently abused as a child by his step-father which caused him to take on these multiple personalities. His abuse included sodomy, being buried alive,being hung from his fingers and toes and other torture methods (His step-father denies all accusations). Miligans disorder was intense! He spoke in different accents and had different mannerisms with each personality. This article was well worth the read and scary to even think about. For the full story click on the link .



The look of the day is Vamped up! Jasmine put a spin on the look with  an actual vampy lip! So you can put your fang money right back in to your pocket! For more looks from Enhelica Beauty  be sure to visit her on Facebook and Instagram @enhelicabeauty

That’s all for now! Remember if you have a scary story be sure to submit them @thatlifeadri/facebook for a chance to have them featured on the next post! Until tomorrow!


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