6 of The World’s Most Haunted Places

  1. Island Of The Dolls: Xochimilco, Mexico


It is said that Don Julian Santana lived on the island alone. One day he found the body of a little girl who had drowned in a canal some 50 years ago. He was haunted by her death and thought that if he gave her a doll it might ease her spirit. After getting the one doll and tying it to a tree, the spirit wouldn’t leave him alone. so he bought doll after doll even sometimes searching through the garbage, on his rare trips off the island, hoping to appease the spirit of the dead child. He expressed his fear of the child to his family stating that he was afraid she would eventually kill him. The next day he was found dead in the very spot the child had been found. It is said that he and the child haunt the island and speak through the dolls to keep intruders out.

2. Akershus Castle: Oslo,Norway


This castle is said to have a very high level of paranormal activity. This castle is home to a number of executions as it housed prisoners. The staff that now works there have said to have had spirits push them in the back. They also tell tales of screams and the rattling of chains and sometimes even seeing dead guards standing in their old posts.

3.Old Changi Hospital: Changi, Singapore


Built in 1935 as a military hospital it was later turned into a Japanese military torture chamber. This building has seen plenty of cruelty and death within its walls. It is believed to be the most haunted location in Singapore. It is said that it haunting’s can be experienced both during the day and night. It is also said that when investigative groups enter at night that one member of the group gets “separated” and a “friend” shows them they way out stating “You should not be here, you are safe now” and then suddenly disappears. There are also stories of those who enter and never exit.

4.The Myrtles Plantation: St. Francisville, Louisiana (USA)


This home has supposedly the scene of 10 or more murders. The most popular story is of the slave girl named Chloe. Chloe killed the wife and 2 daughters of Plantation owner, with the last name of Woodruff , by poisoning a birthday cake. Other slaves, in fear of being punished along with her, drug her out the house and hung her by a nearby tree. It is said that she roams the plantation to this day and has even be accidentally photographed.

5.Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Victoria,Australia


This it the second oldest asylum in Victoria dating back to 1867. Over 300 patients have died here with in the 128 years of it being open. One of the most commonly seen ghost is nurse Matron Sharpe. She was apparently very compassionate towards her patients which was oddly uncommon.

6. Chateau De Chateaubriant: France 


The story goes that every October 16 at the stroke of midnight. The ghost of Francoise De Foix  romes the halls of the chateau. Francoise was murdered by her husband, Governor of Brittany, Jean De Laval Chateautriant for having an affair with King Francis. How he killed he is unknown some stories say he locked her up in a room and never let her out others say she bled to death…..

There you have it a list of places I will never visit! lol I hope you guys enjoyed!

Until tomorrow! Stay Scary!


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