1st Family Vacation!

Whats up guys its been a few Friday’s since I’ve update you! I’m sorry about that but ya know what?…life happens. I needed a break….well my husband said I needed a break and you know what?, I’m glad I listened. It was much needed! I feel refreshed and ready to work! I went on vacation this past weekend! We went to Jacksonville, North Carolina. my husbands extended family is there (his paternal grandmother, aunts, uncles, and whatnot ) We have been together for years and I had never met them. So since we got married this past year and had a new baby it was almost mandatory that we visit. I must admit it is always nerve-racking when it comes to meeting family. Especially since they missed the entire dating phase and they are meeting you as wife/mother and not girlfriend/childless. To be completely honest, I’m never excited about meeting anyone’s family only because its unnecessary stress and anxiety that comes with it. And being that I am a person who suffers from anxiety I try my best to avoid stressful situations. So the whole way there I’m like I hope they like me because its gonna be a llloonnnggg weekend if they don’t! I honestly don’t know why I was so worried! They loved me and I love them too!! This was probably the best vacation I have ever had (other than Disney world when I was 8)! ย I laughed the ENTIRE weekend! I was so comfortable I almost forgot they were in-laws lol. The kids were absolutely SPOILED and of course they were all excited to see my husband. They hadn’t seen him in years. The beach was the best part of the trip. I have never been to a beach where it was literally like 6 families there. We had to take a ferry to the island and walk about a ย mile to the beach. Although the walk was treacherous it was soooo worth it. It was both the kids first time at the beach! While my 8-year-old was wildly ecstatic my 6th month old was NOT having. She was more comfortable from the sidelines, and not physically in the water in the water. We literally had a blast!!

So now that my little break is over, lets get back to business. I have been doing my 90 days of yoga and I must admit its hard as hell!! so I have been doing a mixture of yoga every OTHER day and my own daily challenge. I normally make up my own like this(left)or I use Pintrest when I am just swamped and can’t think of anything! Not that I’m just an unhealthy person it just somethings that I want to work on to make sure that I am in tip-top shape. Eating healthier is also a big part that I am working on! A co-worker of my made me a green smoothie that was AMAZING! It had kale,spinach,mango,blueberries,flax seeds and other fruits I can’t recall at the moment. Who knew something so health would taste that good! Not that I’m just a terrible eater but there are somethings I would like to slow my roll on. I trying to take family picture in less than a month and I want to make sure I look my best.That’s it for the day guys! Thanks for reading my little update. As always if you have any questions or comments the comment section is below!


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