90 Days of Yoga

So Today is Fabulous Fix Friday! And My Latest 90-day fix is 90 days of yoga! I found my love for yoga with my last pregnancy. Yoga is very relaxing and you work up a sweat without even realizing you’re actually working out. So I started the 90 days as of yesterday and realized …..it is nothing like pregnancy yoga! You’re just as relaxed but you can actually feel the burn and you sweat even more! So despite having a baby desperately trying to do anything to get my attention as I worked out (to the point where I had to add her to the workout) yesterday’s workout was intense but it was very relaxing.I also felt accomplished and, excited for day two!!

I was actually supposed to start this challenge on July 1 but hey life happens. Being a mother of 2, a wife, working in the corporate world, and trying to run a blog is straight up tiring! Β All of that in itself is a daily work out and, it doesn’t even include all the other random task that pop up throughout the day! But this past weekend going into this weekend I have come up with a schedule that works for my family, me and my blog! (I look at my blog as one of my children) With some fine tuning, I should come out on top. I have finally stepped out of the box and decided that I will no longer give myself excuses to not make things work they way I need them too. I have also decided to head back to school! (I was in school at one point in my life I just didn’t finish!) The reasoning being is I had lunch with my superior on Wednesday and she truly inspired me and gave me an understanding….. Even though I have lots of experience, I have no degree to back that experience up. And let’s just face it you can’t have one without the other! Now don’t get me wrong my ultimate goal is to work for myself but until that day comes I still have to make a living and a degree with my experience equals (*ching Ching*) more dollars in my pocket! Hey, I’m just saying! But this go round with school I know what I want to do and my degree will coincide with what I love and will work in the working world! It’s about to be one wild adventure!

If you want to join in on the 90 days of yoga you can start here! Fightmaster Yoga is awesome! She has all kinds of videos. I chose her videos at random one day and saw that she had 90 days of yoga! She really knows how to make you sweat! So for the next few Friday’s I will post my results πŸ™‚