10 Things To Remember When Dating




Sometimes when we start dating we have no clue where to start, where to go, what to think about, or what to expect. It’s okay we have all been there. As long as you remember these few simple things, dating can actually become fun and you may possibly find that one. What I am sharing with you is from my own PERSONAL experience! In no way am I a doctor, love guru, or love expert! All information is coming from personal experience and it’s what help me find my husband 🙂 Let’s get started!


 1. Nobody is Perfect

There is no such thing as a perfect person! Erase that from your mind! Keep in mind there is a perfect person for you but that person will not be perfect. They will have flaws, they will do things you absolutely hate, but they will love you pass YOUR flaws and treat you like the King or Queen that you are! So if they can love you pass all those annoying things you do, you can do the same for them if not ….maybe that’s just not the person for you……

2. Looks aren’t Everything

Just because a person looks good does not mean that, that person is good for you! When you focus too much on looks, you end up with someone who is ugly! (on the inside) Now it’s okay to have a type but don’t be afraid to look outside of that! For example I like my men very tall, Masculine, dark and Lot of hair (I mean hair longer than mine) but My husband only has one of these traits (masculine 😉 ) and he is also someone I have known for years, and never in a MILLION years did I think that he would end up being my husband. The person that is right for you is not going to look like anything you expect and that’s okay! Why be caught up in something so shallow and potentially miss out on your soul mate!

3. Have Patience (DO NOT RUSH)

The worst thing you can do is rush into a relationship just because everyone else is in one. When you rush into things 98% of the time it fails. I know it’s hard especially when you see everyone else living happily ever after and you can’t help but envy. Everyone has their own time to find that special someone. Take your time to get to know that person! See if they are even worth your time and energy! Yes, we only have one life to live, but you don’t want to spend that time being miserable because you didn’t think it through…… Love will come! stop worrying so much!

4. Don’t Confuse Infatuation With Love

People get these two confused all the time and it’s an honest mistake! It’s hard to decipher sometimes especially when you are blinded with things that hide a person’s true intent. What are things that can blind us ?:

Money-money is not a bad thing at all, everyone loves money! But if you’re dating someone specifically for that reason not only are your intentions bad but it opens a door to accepting disrespect behavior. Just because they buy you things does NOT mean that they love you. (disclaimer: I’m not saying people with money are evil lol it’s just more to life than that and money is not a reason to be in a relationship)

Sex-Having sex too early in a relationship can blind the hell out of you!  Is it wrong to sleep with someone on the first night? No, if that’s your prerogative, then go right ahead! But keep in mind that sex triggers certain hormones that can cause certain emotions that make you feel “in love” but you’re really not. So be mindful of your emotions if you decide to have sex a little earlier on than planned. (again nothing wrong with casual sex if that’s what you like to do but just guard your heart 🙂 )

5. Don’t Expect More Than What You Have To Offer

If you literally have nothing going for yourself, I .E. no job, no apartment, no car, not in school, just not accomplishing anything! Why in the hell would you demand the person you wanna date to have these things and you have none of these things yourself? Like seriously you have nothing to offer but you expect everything to be given to you! News Flash! this is not a freaking Disney movie! Get up, and get some business about yourself. You have no right wasting anyone’s time who has their shit together. Nobody is going to take care of your big grown ass! ……….Sorry I got a little angry there lol! For the people who do have something positive going on in their lives try to find someone who matches that as in You have a job, they have a job. You have a car, they have a car. You want whoever you’re dating to feel like a blessing not a burden. You just don’t want to get in a relationship with someone who can potentially hold you back and that goes for everything! Spiritually, Financially, and Emotionally. Trust me it’s just a recipe for destruction! (I’m speaking from life experience!) (p.s: It doesn’t have to be an exact match to yours, I’m just saying a void bums)

6. Don’t Change it up

whatever you were doing to win that person over in the beginning, is what you should do until the end of time. Always be yourself and don’t do things now, that you know down the road you’re not going to do. Whatever you do at the beginning automatically sets the expectation throughout the relationship.

7. Be Honest

Always Be Honest no matter what, because when you’re honest about a situation you can heal a (possible) wound more quickly and be forgiven much faster than if they find out about something. Don’t hid things from that person just be honest so you guys can move on from whatever it is you did.

8.Look at maturity

The maturity level of a person is an important aspect of dating especially in men! (no offense guys) As women we mature much faster than men. So don’t expect a 21-year-old bachelor to be immediately ready to marry you and have you bare his children. Be realistic in your expectations of someone! Maturity can determine a lot.

9. Know what you want

In every relationship everyone has certain expectations of people and again not everyone is perfect….hell, NO one is perfect, but by all means do not settle! A person should treat you right at all times and provide at least most of the things you expect (not all). Now that person is NOT going to have everything you want but they may even it out by being everything you need. Always remember don’t expect something from someone you are not willing to do yourself

10. Have Fun

Try new things, have new experiences! This is how you’re gonna build that bond with that person! Spend time doing crazy stuff, be silly, get creative, cook together, dance together, Hell, just have an all out great time with one another!!  Let’s be honest…who wants to be in a boring, UN-fun, relationship