10 Signs You’re 25 and Older

Well my birthday was yesterday and all I can think about is “WOW I’m 26…….” This may seem like an insignificant number to some but my aunt died this past weekend and her funeral was held on my actual birthday. Life has a funny way of showing you things, and her passing made me appreciate another year here on this earth and being able to celebrate another day of life…..enjoy the time you have! You only have one beautiful,wonderful,exciting chance at life. Live more, laugh more,love more, adventure out, let go of fear and live your life! Even when life gets mundane be happy to breathe another day! With that being said……..

 Here are 10 signs you might be 25+!

10. What The Hell is a “Fleek” ?

It’s certain terminology that your just not going to be up to par on and you’re damn sure going to avoid ever using any new “slang”. You’ll find your self asking your younger sibling “what the hell does that mean?”…. Like it’s not already hard enough to deal with people who talk in abbreviations (ie; wyd?,Idk, idgaf,ico,gtfoh) now you gotta deal with people making up shit. (By the way “Fleek” means to be on point. For example: “Eyebrows on fleek!” – means that, that particular persons eyebrows are drawn to the point of perfection, therefore they are “on point” or in line with the current trend ……)


9. The Good Old Days……………

You find yourself sounding like your grandpa, “you kids know nothing about “real” music”. You seem out of touch and lets just be honest you can’t tell one song from another because they all sounds the same these days. And lets just face it…. you’re not ready to accept the thought that  “Waterfalls” by TLC was the #1 hit …….20 years ago….. Also let’s not forget that any time we see anyone with a Nintendo of any form that is not a Wii we just lose control of our bodies and shove small children out-of-the-way to play. There is nothing like when we were kids and that’s all we want to think about……Nostalgia is painful reminder that those carefree,barefoot,bike riding,trampoline jumping, “lightning” bug catching days are OVER! (I’m from Georgia, we say lightning bug)


8. Never Had The Need To Work Out……………….

Until now that is…..Now that you’re 25 and older you’ll start noticing some “problem areas” you  never had before and your like “OMFG ! where’s the gym?!”. You get to said gym and 1 of 2 things happen……  1. You get excited and start a beautiful, life long habit or…. you’re like me…..”people do this every day?! *breaths heavily* This can not be life!……… What so wrong with being fat any way *sips Gatorade*…..I’d be warm in the winter…..winter …..mmmm ice cream…….. yyyeeaaahhh…….. that sounds right…………awww f*** it I’m hungry, I can work out anytime”……YEP!! that sounds like you don’t deny it !!!


7. Wanna Do Brunch?

You have never truly understood how awesome brunch is until your 25 and older! I’m not quite sure what it is about brunch that excites us but mannnnnnn is it wonderful! You can dress up or dress down, you can go with friends without the hassle of a bar or a club, not to mention that breakfast and lunch is probably the best combination known to man……. or you know…… Mimosa…….



6.Do You Wanna Hit The Club………..uhhhh Hell No!

If you have friends that are younger than you, you absolutely DREAD those words and then the questions start.” where are we going?, what do I wear?, damn it I need new shoes!, What am I going to do with my hair? what time are we leaving?, how much does it cost? when are we going to be back?”…. who wants to deal with that? None of us …………..ssoooo no thank you! I’d rather lay in the bed, eat frosting out the can, and catch up on love and hip hop.


5. You’re Actually Friends with Your Parents….

Yep… it’s like you have some weird mutual agreement and understanding about life. You realize the saying ” be a kid while you can” is nothing but the truth and now that you realize, it’too late your parents are there to help see you through adult hood. (p.s. they are secretly laughing and saying I told you so!)


4. If You Don’t Have Kids…………….

Don’t worry it’s coming sooner than you think. That 25 and up age is like a baby boom! One person gets pregnant, EVERYONE gets pregnant! And yes each and every pregnant person is going to go on Facebook and post every hour on the hour about every aspect of that pregnancy until the baby is born. Yes it’s that serious……


3. Everyone is Engaged or Married………………………

 You’re going to think to yourself, “really they are getting married before me? this has got to be some sort of sick joke!” you may also think, “whats wrong with me?, where is my permanent “boo-thang”. Don’t worry your time will come. Don’t feel rushed and never jump into something just because everyone else is doing it. Love will come! Just focus on something else until that time comes! But I must admit that it does seem everyone finds love around the same time just to make you jealous….weird.


2. Bills, Bills, Bills………. (enough said)

*sigh* They never go away, your entire life revolves around BILLS, you eat, sleep, and breathe BILLS………………Did I mention bills………..


1.You’re Comfortable With Who You Are!

Most of us if not all of us are at this point where we have developed an IDGAF (ha! more abbreviations) attitude towards others opinions of us. Either you like us or you don’t. We have too much real shit going on to care about what you think. THUG LIFE!! lol


If any of these things sound remotely like you, then there is a good chance you are 25 and older. and if you are 25 and older and this doesn’t sound like you ……what is wrong with you?…Seriously…. lol. I hope you guys enjoyed the read!